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09/30/2014 (press release: sheiladanzig) // Sheila Danzig

Let’s face it, people are desensitized to advertisements.  The reader scrolls past them everyday while checking email and social media, and looks past them on the pages of newspapers and magazines, and during commercial breaks the viewer either fast forwards, flips the channel or goes to do something else.  A business can easily run ads but this will not that business from the crowd.  Appearing in the news will.

In an recent informal survey conducted by marketing consultant Sheila Danzig, every single respondent answered they would absolutely select restaurant, business, or professional featured in the news than one they saw on an advertisement.

And who could blame them?  It’s not surprising that people trust news sources more than they trust advertising.  Anyone can buy ad space and claim whatever they want.  Being featured in the news carries credibility and adds a deeper dimension to the persona and the cause.

Since people trust news over advertising, the best way to promote a business, cause, college or job applicant, is to become newsworthy and the truth is ANYONE can be newsworthy.  The best part is, it’s free!

Why don’t more businesses and professionals use this strategy to garner more business?  One reason is that they don’t know they can.  Being newsworthy often feels inaccessible when a business person doesn’t know the right avenues and strategies.  Another big reason is that being newsworthy requires accountability and it can blow up in your face in a big way if you approach it like traditional advertising.

How does someone make a business newsworthy? First, look at what’s already in the news.  Follow hot topics that relate to the business or profession, stay up-to-date about political issues that tie in with what the occupation or profession, and think of ways you can weigh in on these topics and issues.  Write letters to local news source editors, take a stance of current laws, bills, and policies up for debate.  It is also very easy to  conduct a survey, compile the data and share your findings with the press.  Another great way to become newsworthy and elevate from to expert status is to host a talk radio show that covers current events related to your area of professional expertise.  You can buy air time at a local radio station for a regular talk show and offset your costs by charging guests a small fee to be on the air.  Even a montly radio show impresses listeners and drives them to do business with the host.

Also, don’t be afraid to give things away for free.  A great way to make anyone newsworthy is to be charitable with both the products and services and information.  It is not difficult to arrange to teach free workshops and classes at community centers, churches, and other spaces or offer free information or complimentary consultations on a website.  If there is a crises, see what the business can do to help whether it’s offering a free meal, sponsoring a benefit or giving away free items or services that people need.  This is a great way to give people a taste—literally or figuratively—of what the servies do and give any business a chance to establish rapport with the community and growing client base.

To be newsworthy the business must be able to stand up to scrutiny.  If you take a stance on a current issue or event, be sure the research is done and all statements back up the position with proof.  Charitable event press releases should be done only by a business that does this sort of thing on a regular basis so it doesn’t feel like a publicity stunt.

For an article like this about the business or event of contact Sheila Danzig for a no charge consultation. It is much more affordable than you think.

Visit or call Sheila for a No Charge consultation. 1.888.SheilaD (1.888.743.4523)


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Ultherapy® Skin Lift Treatment Now Available from Southern Surgical Arts


09/30/2014 (press release: SouthernSurgicalArts) // Jennifer Deal

The only FDA-cleared procedure available for lifting skin around the eyebrow, neck, and under-chin can now be obtained from Southern Surgical Arts. The state of the art cosmetic facility is pleased to announce that it now offers Ultherapy® skin lift treatment in its line of services.


A Way to Tighten Skin Naturally


Ultherapy® skin lift treatment uses ultrasound energy to naturally tighten the skin, requiring no surgery or downtime. During the process, collagen production is stimulated with the use of focused energy delivered to the foundational layer of the skin. No incisions are made, and the skin’s surface is not disrupted by the treatment.


Individuals who are interested in learning more about how Ultherapy® skin lift treatment may benefit their cosmetic needs can contact Southern Surgical Arts for a free consultation.


The procedure has also received FDA-clearance to improve décolletage lines and wrinkles. Individuals can obtain more information about Ultherapy® skin lift treatment by visiting today.


About Southern Surgical Arts


Southern Surgical Arts has performed over 11,500 major cosmetic procedures since 2004. Cosmetic and facial surgeons Dr. Carey Nease and Dr. Chad Deal are both fellowship trained and have years of experience helping patients become more comfortable with their appearance with the delivery of various types of cosmetic procedures. The practice offers cosmetic surgery options for patients seeking aesthetic changes to various areas of the body including the face, neck, breasts, and abdomen.


Individuals can schedule a complimentary consultation with one of the award winning Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeons of the practice today to discuss available options for achieving their aesthetic goals.


For more information about Southern Surgical Arts and available cosmetic surgical procedures, please visit

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Software Simplifies Twitter Marketing for Businesses


09/30/2014 (press release: SocialCompass) // Adam Root

In present times, marketing on social media is instrumental for business success, according to SocialCentiv, a technology marketing company. The company has developed a tool that simplifies the process of Twitter marketing for small to mid-sized businesses. In a recent blog, SocialCentiv discusses reasons many businesses have yet to include marketing for this top social network, and the efficacy use of a platform like its SocialCentiv software offers.

The Many Ways to Market on Twitter

As stated in the recent article, “Why Twitter Marketing Isn’t as Hard As You Think It Is” SocialCentiv notes that using the social network as a marketing platform is not a difficult undertaking. Particularly when a business has access to a tool like the company’s SocialCentiv software, reaching tens of thousands of prospects that are having real-time conversations at any given moment on Twitter is actually plausible.

A number of businesses have expressed frustration at their attempts to effectively engage users with Twitter marketing strategies due to the time spent in singling out conversations relevant to their business.

According to Jason Dove, Vice President of Sales, “Twitter marketing apps, like SocialCentiv, allow businesses to listen to what users are saying about their business (and their products and services). The software identifies conversations in which consumers have expressed intent to purchase products or services relevant to a business’ offerings.”

SocialCentiv is touted by many businesses that have already tried it as one of the most effective tools available for turning Twitter prospects into loyal customers. SocialCentiv is offering a free trial for businesses that would like to try the software for 7 days at no cost, and see what it can do for their own marketing success.

For more information about SocialCentiv, or to register for the free trial, go to today.

Find HipLogiq on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+

Media Contact:


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Urban Air Trampoline Park Set to Open New Locations in Austin and Waco Texas.


09/30/2014 (press release: mnskb101) // Southlake, TX, United States // Michael Browning

Urban Air Trampoline Park, the nation’s premier Indoor Trampoline Park Operator, is pleased to announce its plans to open locations in Austin and Waco, Texas. The Southlake-based company has secured over 30,000 square feet in both Austin and Waco with the vision to build a family entertainment facility neither market has seen before.

Austin: 15407 Long Vista, Austin, TX 78728

Waco: 5701 West Waco Drive, Waco, TX 76710

Urban Air Trampoline Park was the first to bring this style of Indoor Trampoline Park to Dallas Fort Worth by opening its first location in Southlake, Texas in October of 2011. Since opening, Urban Air has hosted thousands of birthday parties for kids, held special events for schools, churches and corporations, and taught dozens of fitness classes to adults of all ages.


As a result its success, Urban Air Trampoline Park has been voted.

  • Best Trampoline Parks, DFW Child Magazine
  • Best Gym In America For Kids, SHAPE Magazine
  • Best Place To Take Energetic Kids, Fort Worth Child Magazine
  • Best Kids Birthday Parties,
  • Reader’s Choice Best Children’s Birthday Parties, Star Community Newspapers


Suitable for all ages and fitness levels, the Urban Air Trampoline Parks in Austin and Waco will provide great customer service, a safe experience and affordable family fun. Kids and adults will have the opportunity to play on wall-to-wall trampoline arenas, trampoline dodgeball courts, slam dunk tracks, a trampoline foam pit and much more.

“We are excited to bring Urban Air Trampoline Park to the Austin and Waco markets. We have been working on these projects for months and are very excited they are finally coming to fruition.” Mike Browning, owner and operator of Urban Air Trampoline Park


The Urban Air Trampoline Parks in Austin and Waco are slated to open early 2015 and will soon hire over 50 employees at each location.


Urban Air Trampoline Park is the Nation’s #1 destination for family fun featuring a variety of activities perfect for all ages and fitness levels. Summer Camps, Fitness Classes, Dodgeball leagues and Open Jump occur on wall-to-wall trampoline arenas, a foam pit, dodgeball court, slam dunk track, and runway within each of the Urban Air Trampoline Park locations. Urban Air Trampoline Park is the perfect venue for kids’ birthday parties, church events, corporate gatherings or a day out for some family fun. For more information on the company and franchising opportunities please visit

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Amadeus Consulting Wins Golden Bridge Awards’ Management Team of the Year


09/30/2014 (press release: michelle2020) // Boulder, CO, USA // Michelle Francis

Custom software development company  Amadeus Consulting’s chief executive officer Lisa Calkins, chief information officer John Basso, and chief operations officer Jay Millard won the Golden Bridge Business and Innovation Awards under the Management Team of the Year category. The coveted annual Golden Bridge Awards program recognizes and honors the world’s best executives and management teams from every major industry in the world.

Amadeus Consulting’s executive team was selected for its commitment to advancing the IT industry through the development and implementation of innovative technology ecosystems that solve clients’ business challenges. Amadeus Consulting’s executive team members each bring a unique skill set that advances the company as a whole, including Lisa’s leadership through mentorship approach, John’s sustainability focus, and Jay’s philanthropic efforts, that, when combined together, made for an ideal management team.

“We are all really excited and humbled to be selected as the Silver winner in the Management Team of the Year category, ” said Lisa Calkins, chief executive officer for Amadeus Consulting. “Each of us brings something unique, yet complementary, to the business table that helps Amadeus Consulting continue to serve as a technology solutions leader in Boulder Valley and nationwide.”

For more information on the team’s award win visit and visit

About Amadeus Consulting

Amadeus Consulting is a complete technology solutions provider, leveraging the appropriate technology – via the web, PC, and a broad arrange of mobile devices – to deliver successful business results to each client. The company features enterprise development, creative and business consulting services, conversion analytics and digital marketing expertise and expert technical staffing driven by the leadership of an award-winning executive team. Amadeus Consulting solutions utilize a variety of business processes to meet clients’ unique business and technology challenges. Amadeus Consulting was honored as a 2011 Colorado Company to Watch, named the Top Mobile Developer in its region since 2010 from the Boulder County Business Report and has placed on the Inc. 5000 list since 2006. For more information, visit

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Harris School of Business Welcomes Deputy Mayor Harry Platt to Voorhees Campus


09/29/2014 (press release: ascutta) // Voorhees, NJ, USA // Ken Santos

The Harris School of Business in Voorhees welcomed Deputy Mayor Harry A. Platt on September 22 for the reading of a proclamation by Mayor Michael R. Mignogna. The proclamation recognized the Surgical Technology program at the Harris School and emphasized the importance of the program’s accreditation by two national boards.

“Making sure our program meets the standards of a national accrediting board is a high priority at the Harris School and helps to ensure that our program stays current and rigorous,” explains Ken Santos, director of education at the Harris School in Voorhees. The Surgical Technology program is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges and the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools.

“The Mayor’s proclamation was very meaningful because it recognized the high quality of programming we provide here,” Santos continues. The visit from the deputy mayor was a culminating event in the school’s celebration of National Surgical Technologists Week, a week designated by the Association of Surgical Technologists to promote awareness of this career field. During the visit, Platt toured the school’s facility on White Horse Road and attended a breakfast celebrating the contribution that surgical technologists make to safe patient care in the operating room.

The Harris School of Business has a long history of providing career-focused programs. Founded in 1965, the Harris School operates eight campuses located throughout the northeastern region, including campuses in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Connecticut. To learn more about the Harris School of Business, visit

The Harris School is operated by Premier Education Group (PEG). PEG is a privately owned career-training organization with over 29 campuses throughout the United States. Through the combination of professional faculty, support services, and well equipped facilities, PEG is committed to providing students with the necessary skills and attitudes to secure employment in their field of training. To learn more about PEG, visit

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Social Listening Software Helps Brands Build Stronger Recognition


09/29/2014 (press release: SocialCompass) // Adam Root

One of the most sought after tools for increasing social media interaction for small businesses, SocialCentiv is now being regarded for helping users also significantly improve brand recognition for their clients. The tool helps with building brand awareness on Twitter by small businesses to mass market to potential customers that have expressed an intent to make a purchase related to what these businesses offer. As stated by one user of the software, “We knew we had to participate in social media, but we couldn’t connect the dots on how to use social media to ?nd new patients until we found SocialCentiv.”

The company is now seeking to help more small businesses discover the range of benefits they can receive from use of the Twitter engagement tool. A free 7-day trial is now available for those that want to test-drive SocialCentiv today.

Strengthening Brands, Enhancing Awareness

Improving brand awareness is a difficult feat for some businesses when it comes to using social media marketing. In a recent blog post titled, “Five Ways to Avoid Social Media from Ruining Your Brand,” SocialCentiv points out ways to use social networks to market effectively, while preserving one’s professional reputation. Says Ben Read, the company’s Director of Marketing, “Social media marketing can strengthen your brand and enhance awareness about your company across the technological globe.”

Many businesses want the same kind of hype built around their brand that corporations with much larger budgets and reach can afford to campaign for. However, this has traditionally been hard to achieve on a limited budget.

Social media has opened doors for these businesses achieve better success in marketing. Now with tools like SocialCentiv, direct contact can be made with potential customers on a broad scale, helping facilitate relationships that build favorable awareness about one’s brand.

About SocialCentiv

SocialCentiv is a state-of-the-art platform that assists small businesses with finding potential customers on Twitter. The smart technology is equipped to single out conversations on the popular social network for more effective engagement.

For more information about SocialCentiv, or to sign up for the free trial offer, visit

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Medical doctor treats patients using different alternative techniques


09/29/2014 (press release: vivahealthylife) // Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US // Dante Salas

About Dr. Tsan

Dr. Tsan started his professional career after graduation with honors from the State University of Medicine and Pharmacy, ChisinauMoldova in the fall of 1976.

Board Certified in OBGYN he specialized in treatment of infertility and worked in the largest and most prestige clinic in the city. At some point he found that many women who he treated from infertility without any success got pregnant after they underwent acupuncture healing performed by Chinese professional Dr. Lin-Tzin-Ie. Dr. Lin became his first teacher in acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine.

Two years later Dr. Tsan had his first internship in Psychotherapy at 1st Moscow State College of Medicine and one year later he took on a fellowship in Homeopathy at the Kyiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Ukraine. In order to improve his academical knowledge and practical experience Dr. Tsan went to China for two years and in 1998 he successfully graduated from the The Graduate School of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences (GSCACMS), Beijing, China.

In 2011 Dr Tsan completed the education at The Mindcare Organization, LTD, in Huddersfield, Great Britain where he advanced his expertise in clinical hypnosis and psychotherapy. Dr Tsan completed and excelled in course of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and Hypnotic Pain Control at the American School of Hypnosis, Biddeford, ME.

In 2004 Dr. Tsan founded Viva Healthy Life – The Center for Holistic Medicine, where he has successfully treated patients suffering from a variety of afflictions.

About Viva Healthy Life

Viva Healthy Life – is a modern medical center where all alternative medicine techniques located under one roof.

“We recognize each patient as a distinctive organism, rather than an instance of a certain illness. Sickness at the same time is an outcome of corporeal, spiritual, expressive, social and ecological disproportion. Treatment, for that reason, takes place naturally when these pieces of existence are brought into suitable set of scales. Using Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Reiki and Clinical Hypnosis we teach your organism to heal itself”, – Dr. Tsan said.

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New 2015 GMC Sierra Carbon Editions Will Offer Bold Styling This Fall


09/29/2014 (press release: CambridgePRGroup) // RAYNHAM, Mass. // Mastria Buick GMC Cadillac

Recently redesigned for the 2014 model year, the GMC Sierra 1500 already features a bolder style with its standard projector-beam headlights and chrome grille surround, but new Carbon Editions of the pickup truck will up the ante later this fall. Slated to be available in three different trims, the 2015 GMC Sierra Carbon Editions will offer carbon-fiber appearance graphics and other aggressive styling cues.

Based on the Sierra 1500 double-cab model, the standard Sierra Carbon Edition sports two carbon-fiber graphic strips that run the length of its hood, while another carbon-fiber graphic covers its tailgate panel. Other upgrades include a black painted grille and body-colored door handles and mirror caps, as well as added standard features like a 110-volt power outlet, LED cargo box lighting and remote keyless entry. Scheduled to be sold only as a Sierra SLE double cab, the Sierra Carbon 20 Edition dons the same styling as the Carbon Edition but adds 20-inch aluminum alloy wheels.

“Every Sierra driver is set apart from other truck owners because of the unmatched capability they receive, but the Carbon Editions will also let them stand out stylistically with bold graphics and design cues,” said Robert Lefrancois, general sales manager of Mastria Buick GMC Cadillac, a GMC dealership in Raynham, Mass. “With three trims to choose from, buyers can also find the Carbon Edition model that has the right mix of style and features to meet their needs.”

In addition to the styling cues adorning the other Carbon Edition variants, the top-trim Sierra Carbon 22 Edition is outfitted with exclusive 22-inch black alloy wheels and four-inch black tubular side assist steps. The model will be available as both a Sierra SLE double cab and crew cab, and it boasts standard features like dual-zone climate control, fog lamps, remote keyless start and a Universal Home Remote. GMC hopes that the new Carbon Edition models will provide an extra boost to its Sierra sales, which increased by 10 percent year-over-year in August and have risen by 7 percent year-to-date over the same period in 2013.

About Mastria Buick GMC Cadillac:

Serving Massachusetts car buyers for more than 50 years, Mastria Buick GMC Cadillac has earned a reputation for top-notch service and satisfied customers. With a wide selection of models like the Cadillac CTS, Buick Enclave and GMC Sierra pickup truck, Mastria Buick GMC Cadillac has the vehicles shoppers want, as well as the skilled service staff needed to keep their cars, trucks and SUVs running like new for years to come. Stop by their dealership at 1525 New State Highway in Raynham, Massachusetts, browse their inventory online at, find them on Facebook at, or call them at 800-821-1998 today.

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2015 Chevy Colorado Rated Best-in-Class for V6 Fuel Economy


09/29/2014 (press release: CambridgePRGroup) // WATERVILLE, Maine // Central Maine Motors

Set to go on sale this fall, the all-new 2015 Chevrolet Colorado midsize pickup truck will take on Japanese-brand models like the Toyota Tacoma and Nissan Frontier, and its initial EPA fuel-economy ratings suggest it may have a leg up on that competition. When equipped with its optional V6 engine and two-wheel drive, the new Chevy Colorado will return up to 26 mpg on the highway. That figure not only tops the equivalent V6 highway ratings of the Frontier and Tacoma by four and five miles per gallon, respectively, but it also beats the highway fuel economy of the competitors’ four-cylinder models.

While the Chevy Colorado’s fuel efficiency is aided by a segment-first lightweight-aluminum hood and active aero grille shutters, its 3.6-liter V6 still packs plenty of punch under the hood, churning out a best-in-class 305 horsepower and 269 pound-feet of torque. That impressive output will allow the 2015 Colorado to tow a class-leading 7,000 pounds when properly equipped. Though fuel economy has yet to be announced for the base Colorado, the truck will house a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 200 horsepower and 191 pound-feet of torque.

“Midsize pickup trucks typically appeal to buyers because they have a smaller footprint and are more affordable, but up until the debut of the new Colorado, they had been behind the times when it came to fuel economy,” said Bo Hendrick, general sales manager of Central Maine Motors, a Chevy dealership in Waterville, Maine. “The 2015 Colorado not only features the most modern fuel-saving technologies in its segment, but it also offers legitimate capability that is typically reserved for full-size pickups.”

Chevrolet hopes that the arrival of its new Colorado will further boost its surging pickup-truck sales. Moving more than 49,000 units in the United States last month, the recently redesigned Chevy Silverado saw its sales rise by 13 percent compared to August 2013. In fact, the Silverado joined forces with its GM counterpart, the GMC Sierra, to outsell the Ford F-Series in August. Through the first eight months of this year, Chevy’s full-size pickup truck has sold 331,977 units, a 1 percent increase over its strong performance during the same period in 2013.

About Central Maine Motors:

Part of the Central Maine Motors Auto Group that has served New England drivers since 1935, Central Maine Motors is dedicated to creating a superior car-buying experience that leads to lasting relationships with their customers. Maintaining high standards of integrity, the staff at their Maine Chevrolet and Buick dealership is fully trained to find the right vehicle for each customer, along with expert service down the road. Visit Central Maine Motors at 420 Kennedy Memorial Drive in Waterville, call them at 888-709-1265 or browse their inventory of new and used Chevy and Buick vehicles online at They can also be found on Facebook at

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