Knoxville SEO Services Offers Free SEO To Knoxville Business Owners


10/31/2014 (press release: cwalden6941) // Knoxville, TN, United States // Chris Walden

Local business owners now have a choice in Knoxville when it comes to internet marketing and search engine optimization. Chris Walden of Knoxville SEO Services announces that his company is empowering local businesses with 1 month of free SEO to gain additional exposure online. Sources tell us that Knoxville SEO Services is one of the best SEO agencies in east Tennessee. With the rising cost in traditional advertising many business owners are turning to the internet says Chris Walden owner and founder of Knoxville SEO Services. Consumers for the most part turn to Google, Bing, Yahoo or a similiar search engine service anytime they have a question. It’s this type of trend that is continuing to grow and become popular in todays climate. The goal of Knoxville SEO Services is to help each business owner in Knoxville and surrounding counties overcome the obsticals  of advertising online. Chris Walden stated that his company helps Knoxville business owners avoid the pitfalls of wasting money online with unreputable companys that promise unrealistic results. The trick to a successful SEO campaign is understanding your target audience and knowing what your customer really wants Walden says. Part of the reason why some Knoxville business owners fail with SEO is because they are simply working with the wrong company. For anyone interested in receiving a free consultation and 1 month of free SEO you can reach Knoxville SEO Services at (865) 323-7425

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Peter Schmidt United Yacht Broker Reports CAL of Fifty Foot Marquis


10/31/2014 (press release: SEO National) // Stuart, Florida, United Yacht // Peter Schmidt yacht broker

The United States largest, independent yacht brokerage firm, United Yacht Sales, has a reputation for selling when it counts. Their prestigious reputation for delivering has brought them their latest privilege – having the opportunity to be the Central Agent Listing for a fifty foot, 2011 Marquis motor yacht.

The company’s latest used boat inventory announcement comes with exciting news for true yacht aficionados. This Marquis motor yacht is competitively priced at just $999,000.

Yacht broker Peter Schmidt of United Yacht comments. “This amazing vessel has just 180 engine hours and only 75 generator hours, most of which are fresh water. This used yacht is a beauty and will sell fast.” He continues. “The silver metallic US built 50’ Marquis Sport Bridge designed by Nuvolari Lenard is one of the most popular sport yachts seen in nearly every port worldwide.”

The overall finish quality is excellent and only the best vendor materials are used. A clever three stateroom/two head layout and spacious salon, aft deck and fly bridge offers plenty of room for owners and guests.The spacious salon blends nicely when the salon doors are fully opened to the aft deck and the aft deck seating is hydraulically extended at the push of a button. This feature uniquely allows owners and guests to have the best of both worlds. The gorgeous satin finish cherry wood is very eye pleasing throughout the taupe themed decorator interior.

Features include:

– 435 Horsepower
– 50′ LOA
– Fiberglass Hull
– Water Capacity: 160 Gallons
– Speed: 27 knots cruise / 33 knots max
– 40,000 lbs displacement
– 3′ 9″ Draft
– 15′ 7″ Beam
– Engine: 3 X Volvo IPS D6
– Fuel Capacity: 500 Gallons

True luxury boats for sale, like this Marquis motor yacht, are only sold through trusted used yacht brokers. With more than 40 years experience, United Yacht’s Peter Schmidt yacht broker has built a team of industry leaders. United Yacht Sales has a network of over one hundred yacht brokers that work directly with buyers and sellers of yachts. This personal relationship arrangement allows for effective negotiations and private transactions. Visit today or call 772-463-3131 to express interest in a confidential inquiry.

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King Mohammed VI personally gets involved to expedite justice to Valérie Rhaba

10/31/2014 (press release: media1press)

HM King Mohammed VI ordered Moroccan diplomatic and consular services in France to take the necessary measures to facilitate access to Moroccan justice to Valérie Rhaba, whose husband was arrested on October 15 at the Casablanca airport while trying to board a flight to join terrorist organization “ISIS” along with his two daughters, aged 4 and 2.
The embassy of Morocco in Paris and the Moroccan consulate in Toulouse issued a statement in which they said that they were contacted in the last few days by Valérie Rhaba, spouse of Nabil Rhaba.
The woman also made an appeal to HM the King to help her recover the custody of her two daughters and provided documents proving her identity and proving that one of the daughters needed vital medical assistance in France.
Once informed about this situation and the mother’s distress, HM King Mohammed VI quickly dispatched his orders to the Moroccan diplomatic and consular services in France to take the necessary measures to facilitate the judicial process in Morocco to Valérie Rhaba and enable her to enjoy all her rights, said the statement, noting that the child custody decision comes under Moroccan law.

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Camfil USA Acquires Edco Establishing New Sales Branch for Air Filters in NY


10/31/2014 (press release: Camfil) // Lynne Laake

Syracuse, NY – Syracuse Air Filters  News –   Camfil — the world’s leading provider of clean air solutions — has acquired the assets of Edco Sales, Inc., which has represented the Camfil product line since 1978 as the company’s Syracuse, New York distributor. The acquisition, which became effective on September 10, will make Edco Camfil’s eleventh direct branch sales office in the United States.

Edco Sales, which has been in business for 52 years, has admirably represented the Camfil brand for more than three decades. Under the leadership of Gary and Ann Kent, Edco enjoyed continuous growth and had been recognized for its highly experienced staff of air filter experts. Looking ahead, Camfil intends to make investments to further enhance the branch’s operations and sales function. Gary Kent will continue to play an important role within the Camfil family, serving as an advisor.

In solidifying Camfil’s presence in Syracuse — a market where the air solutions company  holds a significant market share — the branch joins direct sales offices in other key locations throughout the nation, including Birmingham, Colorado Springs, Houston, Los Angeles, Michigan, Nashville, Phoenix, Portland, Puerto Rico, and Salt Lake City.

In recent years, the need to keep indoor air free of harmful particles has become increasingly clear — and a priority for businesses, schools, manufacturing facilities, hospitals, and property owners and managers. The average American spends approximately 90 percent of their time indoors, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, yet levels of air pollutants are often 2 to 5 times higher indoors than outside.  At times, the EPA found, they can be more than 100 times higher.

Camfil’s mission has long been to make the most efficient, sustainable clean air solutions possible. Leveraging a half dozen global research centers, Camfil has developed high performance air filter designs that maintain peak efficiency longer than more traditionally designed filters. This means they not only do a better job keeping dangerous particles out of indoor environments, but use less energy to do so.  And because they maintain their efficiency longer than traditional HVAC replacement air filters, they last longer, so disposal and labor expenses are reduced.

With its new direct sales branch in Syracuse, Camfil will be able to get the word out about the benefits of clean air — and demonstrate how its cutting-edge filters make indoor environments safer, more healthful, and more comfortable than ever before.

The world leader in air filtration systems, Camfil provides clean air solutions for hospitals, hotels, office buildings, educational institutions, and pharmaceutical and biotech companies.  We provide the tools to achieve sustainability, maintain high air quality, and reduce airborne infections — all while lowering total cost of ownership.  Camfil customers go green without ever sacrificing performance.  For more information, visit us online at or call us toll-free at 888.599.6620.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter

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Southern Surgical Arts Offers Groundbreaking Solution for Tattoo Removal


10/30/2014 (press release: SouthernSurgicalArts) // Carey Nease

Southern Surgical Arts is announcing the availability of an innovative technology used for effective tattoo removal at the renowned cosmetic surgery center. PicoSure®, a technology used to deliver laser treatment for patients seeking tattoo removal and other skin rejuvenation services, is the first and only picosecond laser available in the world, and has a pulse width that is 100 times shorter than nanosecond technology. With the technology, many patients see significantly more dramatic results with an array of skin treatment types.

The PicoSure® Difference

PicoSure® is used for tattoo removal and to treat or remove acne scars, wrinkles, and other skin imperfections. It is an FDA approved technology that has presented excellent outcomes for many patients who have received a range of skin revitalization and perfecting services. For the removal of tattoos, the ultra-short pulse duration of the technology enables better clearance with fewer treatments and no risk of injury to the skin surrounding targeted areas.

Individuals desiring the removal of pigmented lesions, acne scars, tattoos, or surgical scars can visit and request a consultation with a member of the Southern Surgical Arts team today to learn more about how PicoSure® can help them achieve their skin care goals.

About Southern Surgical Arts

Southern Surgical Arts is a premiere cosmetic surgery center with facilities in Tennessee and Georgia. Headed by Dr. Carey Nease and Dr. Chad Deal, the award winning team has helped thousands of patients accomplish their aesthetic goals with various recommended procedures. Says the team, “At Southern Surgical Arts, we perform all of our procedures in several accredited, state-of-the-art facilities… With three surgical center options, we can arrange to perform your procedure in the location that is most convenient for you.”

Individuals can arrange to receive a complimentary consultation from the practice by contacting Southern Surgical Arts directly.

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Cary Been Consumer Protection Attorney Highlights Deceptive Advertising Battle


10/30/2014 (press release: KGEmployment) // Carey Been

It’s something your grandmother always told you: read the fine print. Unfortunately, the advice wasn’t just wise, but necessary. Offers that seem too good to be true often are, with consumers ultimately buying products they probably would not have, had the facts been on the table instead of hidden away and hard to see. How rampant is the problem? In a new article published by the Keller Grover law firm, consumer protection attorney Cary Been discusses a recent crackdown by the Federal Trade Commission in which the agency sent letters to more than 60 companies — including 20 of the country’s 100 largest advertisers — it determined were not clearly disclosing key information in their advertising to consumers.

In the article – FTC Says 20 of Nation’s Largest 100 Advertisers Engage in Deceptive Advertising — attorney Been discusses how “Operation Full Disclosure,” the FTC initiative, is the latest in an ongoing effort to identify companies that hide too much information in fine print, failing to conspicuously, and properly, disclose facts that are important to consumer purchasing decisions. Such information could include automatic billing features, conditions for obtaining an advertised price, or shipping and handling charges that consumers must pay to return a product after a ‘risk-free’ trial period.  While Operation Full Disclosure focused on television and print advertisements, a previous FTC initiative targeted advertisements delivered via the Internet and mobile devices.

“Consumers depend on advertisers to provide them with full and truthful information about the products they sell,” says Been. “When information is hidden from them or phrased deceptively, consumers may not be getting the deal they thought they bargained for.”

Keller Grover, which has offices in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area, has been at the forefront of protecting consumers from deceptive practices that lure them into such ‘false bargains.’  The FTC’s efforts, the firm’s article notes, send a loud and clear message that wherever companies advertise, their advertisements must be truthful and provide all of the information necessary to consumer buying decisions.  And crucially, that information must be presented in a clear and straightforward manner.

But Attorney Cary Been cautions that while the FTC’s initiative is important and necessary, the agency has limited resources.  That makes it vital that consumers always remain vigilant and on the lookout for deceptive advertising.  They should also take action when they do spot improper practices.  “If they feel like they have been taken advantage of,” the consumer protection attorney says, “they should speak out about it and seek help. By working together, informed consumers and experienced attorneys can fight deceptive advertising — and help put a welcome end to misleading advertising.”

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Children Are More than “Witnesses” in Homes with Domestic Violence


10/30/2014 (press release: ContentDivas) // New York, New York, USA // Anna Radev

“Child witness to intimate partner violence” is the official term for a child who lives in a home with domestic violence. Speaking to the over 600 attendees at the New York City Housing Authority Annual Domestic Violence Conference this past weekend, founder of CDV – Children of Domestic Brian Martin made it clear that that term has got to go. A child who lives in a home with domestic violence is much more than a “witness” and will be impacted into adulthood unless they unlearn what was learned.

When adults in a home are violent with each other, it’s called “intimate partner violence,” and a lot has been said about it lately, with several very high profile cases in the news over the past few months. If the violence is turned to the children in the home, we call it “child abuse,” and the authorities take swift action when it becomes known. But what about the kid who’s hiding under the bed or in the closet trying not to hear the screaming in the next room and hoping it doesn’t turn to hitting again? Or the one who’s in the room, seeing his mother being beaten? Well, that’s just called a “witness.”

Addressing the conference on Saturday, Martin said, “Child witness to intimate partner violence” — less than one percent of people have even heard of that. And then we’ve got this word ‘witness.’ People like me, and maybe people like you, who grew up in these homes, we have a problem with the word ‘witness’ because the word ‘witness’ doesn’t adequately describe the impact.”

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, that impact includes problems with behavior, emotions, attitude, and cognitive function, among other things. Adults who lived with domestic violence as children experience higher levels of depression and trauma symptoms. To make matters worse, they also are more likely to be violent in adult relationships, perpetuating the cycle for yet another generation.

Calling children who live with domestic violence (or the adults who were these children) “witnesses” has the effect of marginalizing them and their situation. They are victims, whether they are hit or not, and need to be acknowledged as such so that they can get help. Changing the language would only be the first step, but an important one, in the right direction.

CDV – Children of Domestic Violence is a nonprofit organization whose mission, “To help those who experience domestic violence as children reach their full potential and break the cycle of violence,” is being accomplished through advocacy, education, training, and research. For further information, and to find out what you can do to help, visit the website at

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Hallmark Institute of Photography & Baystate Franklin Hospital Host Fundraiser


10/30/2014 (press release: ascutta) // Turners Falls, Massachusetts, USA // Ed Martin,

The Hallmark Institute of Photography ( announced today that it will team up with Baystate Franklin Medical Center’s Employee United Way Campaign Committee to host a family portrait event to raise money for United Way of Franklin County. On Nov. 15, Hallmark Institute of Photography students and faculty will take family portraits from 10am-2pm at Hallmark’s campus on Industrial Blvd off Millers Falls Road in Turners Falls, Mass.

Hallmark invites the public to bring their families to the school, where students will be taking family portraits in 15-minute intervals. Families must pay a $25 “sitting fee” for the photograph and choose from a variety of well-priced photo packages. 100% of the proceeds from the event will be donated to United Way of Franklin County. “People come in with their families, their kids, their pets,” says Lisa Robinson, Director of Education at Hallmark. “We’ve had people come in year after year. It’s a great event for a great cause.” For over 75 years, United Way of Franklin County has funded initiatives to improve the education, income, and health of Franklin County residents.

To schedule a sitting, please contact Sarah Gagaris, Baystate Franklin Medical Center, 413-773-2441. When scheduling a sitting, please indicate if you plan to bring a pet.

Hallmark Institute of Photography was established over 40 years ago in Turners Falls, Mass. to provide an accelerated academic path to a career in professional photography. Hallmark uses only the most up-to-date technology, highly experienced and qualified staff, and a logical and realistic set of standards and processes. The unique, 10-month in-residence program seeks to successfully educate and graduate professional image-makers with the technical, artistic, and business skills necessary for success. Upon completion of the program, graduates can expect to open their own photographic business or fill entry-level employment positions in the diverse and competitive marketplace of today’s professional imaging industry. To learn more about Hallmark Institute of Photography, visit

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Refreshed 2016 Acura ILX to Bow at LA Auto Show


10/30/2014 (press release: CambridgePRGroup) // PEABODY, Mass. // Acura of Peabody

The Acura ILX launched for the 2013 model year with the aim of courting younger buyers, and for the 2016 model year, the premium sedan is ready to take things to the next level with the 35-and-under crowd. Slated to debut at the 2014 LA Auto Show next month, the 2016 Acura ILX will be significantly refreshed inside and out to offer a more engaging look and feel.

Already attracting more buyers under 35 years old than any other entry-premium model, the ILX will boost its appeal to young professionals with a responsive new powertrain, bolder exterior styling and an upgraded cabin for the 2016 model year. Acura appears to be withholding the juicy details until the model’s Los Angeles debut, but the brand has suggested that the 2016 ILX will follow in the footsteps of the larger Acura TLX by providing a sportier feel and a greater breadth of comfort, convenience and safety features.

“We expect that the revamped Acura ILX will have a more aggressive demeanor on the outside as well as under the hood, but it won’t lose its focus on value in the process,” said Joel Avery, general manager of Acura of Peabody, a Massachusetts Acura dealership. “The 2016 model will be packed with the intuitive in-car technologies that younger buyers are looking for, whether they want to integrate their smartphone apps or just want to be safer out on the road.”

Earlier this year, the long list of premium features in the current Acura ILX helped the sedan earn the 2014 IntelliChoice Best Overall Value of the Year Award in the Premium Compact Passenger Car category. The 2015 ILX comes standard with Bluetooth HandsFreeLink, a Keyless Access System and pushbutton ignition, a USB jack, Pandora Internet radio integration and a Multi-View Rear Camera. Buyers have responded to that value in recent months, with sales of the ILX rising by 7 percent in September and 6 percent in August compared to the same months in 2013.

About Acura of Peabody:

Thanks to a complete commitment to the Acura Total Luxury Care (TLC) philosophy from the sales, parts and service teams, Acura of Peabody has the best customer satisfaction and retention rates of any Acura dealership in the Northeast. They offer an extensive inventory of new and used Acura models backed by a service center with the highest customer loyalty in the Northeast. Visit their Acura showroom and service center at 233 Andover Street in Peabody, Massachusetts, or call them at 888-825-7965.

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2015 Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class Rolls Out to Dealers with Youth Appeal


10/30/2014 (press release: CambridgePRGroup) // HAVERHILL, Mass. // Smith Motor Sales

In hopes of attracting younger buyers to its luxury auto brand, Mercedes-Benz has launched two new entry-level compact models in the United States during the past year or so. The first vehicle, the Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class four-door coupe, has sold more than 32,000 units since going on sale stateside in September 2013, and its average buyer has been about 10 years younger than the brand’s typical customer. The second vehicle, the Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class SUV, is now rolling out to U.S. dealerships with similar sales expectations.

Housing a standard 2.0-liter turbocharged direct-injected four-cylinder engine, the 2015 Mercedes-Benz GLA is set in motion by 208 horsepower and class-leading 258 pound-feet of torque. The compact SUV is currently only available with confidence-inspiring 4MATIC all-wheel drive, however a front-wheel-drive model will go on sale in the first quarter of next year with a starting price under $33,000. On the other hand, performance junkies can already opt for the range-topping Mercedes-Benz GLA45 AMG, which is equipped with a 355-horsepower 2.0-liter AMG four-cylinder engine.

“Both the Mercedes-Benz CLA and GLA offer unprecedented levels of luxury, performance and technology for their price tags, and they have the fuel-efficient, compact footprint that younger buyers tend to prefer,” said James Buckley, general manager of Smith Motor Sales, a Mercedes-Benz dealer in Haverhill, Mass. “The new GLA should fit the bill perfectly for buyers who love the swooping design lines of the CLA but want a bit more versatility and capability.”

Shoring up its appeal to younger drivers with convenient technology, the 2015 Mercedes-Benz GLA comes standard with rain-sensing windshield wipers, a power liftgate, Bluetooth hands-free phone calls and audio streaming, a USB port and Attention Assist, which cues auditory and visual alerts if drowsiness is detected from the driver. The vehicle is available with a number of other driver-assistance technologies to help prevent accidents, including Lane Keeping Assist, Distronic Plus, Parktronic with Active Parking Assist and Exit and a rearview camera.

About Smith Motor Sales:

For more than 75 years, Smith Motor Sales has brought Mercedes-Benz ownership to customers in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Smith Motor Sales has remained an elite Mercedes-Benz dealer throughout the years through its commitment to customer service and its wide selection of new and used Mercedes-Benz vehicles, as well as its expert service and parts staff. Stop by their showroom at 420 River Street in Haverhill, Massachusetts, reach them by phone at 978-372-2552.

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