Civil Justice News For Connecticut Legislators


Hartford , CT, USA, 07/24/2015 /SubmitPressRelease123/

CTLA’s  Civil Justice News offering for Connecticut Legislators this week covers a variety of topics beginning with proposed Congressional action affecting employment issues for pregnant but unmarried employees to a new online database showcasing the complication rates for 17K surgeons from across the U.S.  In addition, we’ve included press coverage concerning a recent Georgia Supreme Court decision regarding qualifications for expert witnesses in medical malpractice cases and, further reporting on the current number of deaths associated with the GM ignition switch.  These and coming news briefs are provided here to highlight the fundamental importance of our Right to Trial by Jury preserved in the 7th Amendment of our Constitution.

U.S. House Bill That Lets Bosses Fire Single Women For Getting Pregnant Gains Steam
Critics say the language could protect an employer who doesn’t believe unmarried people should have sex outside of wedlock.
As a medical student, Florida spine surgeon Constantine Toumbis stabbed a friend outside a bar. Documents show he omitted or misrepresented his record in regulatory filings.
Last week, ProPublica launched Surgeon Scorecard, our new database showcasing the complication rates of nearly 17,000 surgeons nationwide. For the first time, patients can now weigh surgeons’ past performance before going under the knife and doctors themselves can see where they stand relative to their peers.
Five decades after the Vietnam War began—and four decades after it ended— veterans exposed to the chemical brew dubbed Agent Orange are still fighting for compensation and benefits for themselves and their children.
And it turns out, not all veterans exposed to Agent Orange are being treated the same.
Georgia Justices Side With Plaintiffs Over Med-Mal Expert Qualifications
The Georgia Supreme Court has ruled that trial judges should be given flexibility in determining whether an expert is qualified to testify in a medical malpractice case.
The June 13 decision said a Glynn County judge acted within his bounds in approving a surgeon to testify as an expert for a medical malpractice plaintiff, even though the doctor hadn’t regularly performed the exact surgery at issue in recent years.
GM Ignition Switch Deaths and Injuries Total 393
Senators seek investigation of GI Bill funds at unaccredited schools

Media Information:

Address: 150 Trumbull Street, 2nd Floor Hartford, Connecticut 06103
Phone: 860 522-4345

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7 Tips on How to Play Soccer Like a Pro by Ella Witherite


Dallas, 07/30/2015 /SubmitPressRelease123/

Soccer is a game played by two teams with around 11 people on a rectangular field. the object of the game is to put the ball into the opposite goal. The goalkeepers are the people in the goal box. They are the only ones who can touch the ball with there hands. The rest of the team has positions on the field. There is normally 2-3 forwards, who score, then you have the left, center and right mid who make sure the ball stays on the other teams half of the field. Behind the mid there are defenders who keep the ball from the goal. If the ball slips by there is the goalie that stops the ball from going in to the goal. To learn more about youth soccer.

Watch Video

I have addressed some of the common concern when learning to play great soccer. I have also provided 7 tips for young soccer players and their parents to help them play soccer like a pro.


Tip # 1. Soccer Rules

Know the rules. Most kids go out on the field and think oh all i have to kick the soccer ball around and kick it in the goal. If you actually think about it there are more rules than just being able to kick a soccer ball.


Tip # 2. Soccer Training & How to build endurance

Training. I have learned that when you play soccer you are constantly running around so being able have endurance and not just sprint to get the ball and be able to pace yourself will help you and your team do a lot better.


Tip # 3. Team – If you need to need to play great soccer you need superior forces at the point of contact.

One you have good training. You will need to find the right team. Some teams are select teams for the player who are really good or there is the begining team. Both teams are different and you want to find the right team that fits your skill level.


Tip # 4. Coach.

Once you have a team that team should have a coach. Most teams want a good coach that won’t make them run laps but not just let them sit around and do whatever they want. You should find a good coach that helps you become a better soccer player and doesn’t just let you do whatever you want to at a game. Some people get private coaches who are more expensive.


Tip #5.  Soccer Cleats (Nike, Adidas, Puma)

Finding shoes can be one of the most hardest part. Mostly because some people have a different foot shape then what the shoes are for. I have a high arch so I try to get shoes that when I tie my shoes they  don’t make my foot fall asleep. My favorite places to get soccer cleats are from Dicks Sporting Good, Sports Authority and Nike.


Tip #6. Timing of the Game

Having time. Soccer is a commitment. Most soccer players have to practice a lot. Luckily for me my practice are during school but sometimes we have games and practice after school so unless i know I won’t have a game I don’t plan anything.


Tip #7 Family Support

Support from your family. Most parents want their kids to play the sport they played growing up but some kids don’t want to do that. The kids want their parents to support them so they feel like there doing a good job playing and there not just out there doing it for themselves but that their parents actually believe in them.


To learn more about everything related to soccer please bookmark my soccer blog page.


Media Contact

Ella Witherite


Follow me on:

YouTube | Facebook | Instagram | Google


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Zagat Names Soulman’s Bar-B-Que One of DFW’s Must-Try Barbecue Joints


Dallas, Texas, United States, 07/30/2015 /SubmitPressRelease123/

Zagat Dallas has elevated the Soulman’s Bar-B-Que brand, naming it one of the “Must Try Bar-B-Que Joints in Dallas-Fort Worth.” Specifically, this year’s introduction of the Soul Bowl played a big part in that distinction:

It’s been 17 years since this local chain of more than a dozen barbecue restaurants has launched a new menu item, but this one’s a doozy. The Soul Bowl starts with a base of Fritos corn chips, which are then topped with homemade pinto beans, cheddar cheese, pulled pork, smoked sausage and BBQ sauce. Customize it further with jalapeño peppers, banana peppers or Soulman’s version of pico de gallo, all which provide just that dash of vegetables to make it feel healthy.
Must-Order Side: Mashed potatoes and gravy. Comfort-food perfection.

About Zagat

Zagat is the world’s most trusted source for information about where to eat, drink, stay and play around the globe, and as such has become a symbol of quality. Zagat rates and reviews airlines, restaurants, hotels, nightlife, movies, music, golf, resorts, shopping, spas and a range of other entertainment categories in more than 100 countries. Zagat content is available in print, on the web, on the mobile web, iPhone, BlackBerry and on TV. For more information, visit


About Soulman’s Bar-B-Que
For more than 40 years, Soulman’s Bar-B-Que has satisfied the hardest to please barbecue lovers…Texans! Their selections of meats are cooked “low and slow” over hickory in a time-honored tradition: beef brisket, ham, hot links, sausage, turkey, chicken, pulled pork and, the crowd favorite, ribs. Ranch House Beans and Spicy Cream Corn are among the delicious homemade sides. Soulman’s currently owns and operates 15 North and East Texas locations in Cedar Hill, Dallas, Forney, Garland, Hurst, Greenville, Lancaster, Mesquite, Quinlan, Rockwall (2), Royse City, Terrell, Van and Allen. To learn more about Soulman’s Bar-B-Que, visit them online at or on Facebook at


Dana Cobb

TrizCom Inc.



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Could Congressional Move Lead to More Fatigued Truck Drivers

Dallas, Tx, 07/29/2015 /SubmitPressRelease123/

Texas truck accident lawyers OF 1800truckwreck weigh in on whether the possible passage of a $55 billion Transportation, Housing and Urban Development appropriations bill warrants road safety concerns.

The House Appropriations Committee recently approved a measure that some are saying could lax the rules for the trucking industry. This is particularly alarming for numerous transportation safety advocates who are making a push for tighter regulations amid an increase in the number of fatalities linked to tractor-trailer accidents. The Fiscal Year 2016 Transportation, Housing and Urban Development Bill, which is now being considered by the full U.S. House of Representatives, contains a provision that would among other things permit truck drivers to work longer hours, and prevent long-standing trucking industry insurance minimums from being raised.


Source: The Baltimore Sun Report “A dangerous maneuver”


“Attached as a policy rider to the $55 billion Transportation, Housing and Urban Development fiscal 2016 appropriations bill now being considered by the full U.S. House of Representatives is a provision allowing truck drivers to work longer hours, haul larger double-trailers in every state and prevent the U.S. Department of Transportation from raising minimum insurance requirements from the current standards, which haven’t been adjusted in 30 years.”

To read more visit

In accordance with the provision, truckers would be allowed to work a maximum of 82 hours per week as opposed to the current maximum of 70. The bill has led to questions about why such allowances are deemed necessary, particularly when in the past statistics on the effect of longer workweeks have shown there to be a correlation with an increase in the number of drivers who self-report driving while exhausted or drowsy. Says Texas based personal injury attorney Amy Witherite of the Eberstein Witherite firm, “thousands of injury causing tractor-trailer accidents occur each year and a significant percentage of these are linked to truck driver fatigue.”

Because truck drivers are paid or granted incentives based on factors like the number of miles driven and the speed at which they can make pickups and deliveries, many drive for much longer periods of time than they should. Fatigue in these cases can reduce reaction time and impair the judgement of drivers, increasing their risk of having an accident. “When a truck driver causes an accident as a result of fatigue, it is typically individuals in nearby passenger vehicles who suffer as a result,” says Texas truck accident lawyer Jonathan Harris, who is also with the Eberstein Witherite law firm.

Harris is a strong proponent of a measure that would increase trucking insurance liability in cases of wrongful death or serious injury trucking accidents that leave victims with costly damages. The The Safe and Fair Environment on Highways Achieved through Underwriting Levels Act (H.R. 2730) is also being reviewed by Congress, but may be overpowered if the Transportation, Housing and Urban Development gets passed.

Harris stated in a past interview of current liability minimums, which have not changed in decades, “as it stands the liability of insurance companies is very limited. For cases involving compensation for 18-wheeler accidents involving multimillion-dollar verdicts, paying the excess becomes of burden of someone who typically just cannot afford it.”

Many are now awaiting Congress’ decision regarding the passage of the Transportation, Housing and Urban Development Bill. President Barack Obama has reportedly threatened to veto the measure if passed as is. The Baltimore Sun cites one of the reasons as the set of provisions being lumped together to sidestep a full hearing which would include vital input from transportation safety experts.  

The news source quotes longtime advocate Joan Claybrook as calling the bill “the worst industry-coordinated attack on truck safety she’s seen in 25 years”

Claybrook stated during a news conference last month of the issue “Families will be paying with their lives and their wallets if trucking interests are successful.”


Media Contact:

Lucy Tiseo

Eberstein Witherite LLP

Phone: 866-774-5410

Connect with Eberstein Witherite on Facebook, TwitterLinkedIn, and Google+

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SocialCentiv Announces New Feature for Twitter Marketing Tool: Suggested Replies


Dallas, TX, 07/29/2015 /SubmitPressRelease123/

SocialCentiv is announcing the introduction of a new feature that will assist businesses that use its Twitter marketing tool with effectively responding to potential customers. The new component “Suggested Replies” will offer users suggestions in various categories of how to begin their responses to individuals they connect with on the top social network.

Why Businesses Can Benefit from “Suggested Replies” for Twitter Engagement

Businesses face the dilemma everyday of trying to determine how to respond to potential customers on social media. In a recently posted blog article titled “New! Suggested Replies in SocialCentiv” social media marketing expert Sarah Beacom addresses the issue saying, “Ernest Hemingway, when asked what was the most frightening thing he ever encountered, answered: “A blank sheet of paper.” Similarly, when our team sought to answer the question ‘why don’t people tweet?’ the second-most heard response was that those attempting to reply to tweets didn’t know what to say, with the third-most heard response being that they were afraid of saying something inappropriate.”

When engaging with potential customers on Twitter, responses are critical for whether a conversation will actually convert a customer. With a feature like “Suggested Replies” for use with a Twitter marketing tool, businesses are given ideas for how to begin effective responses to help them overcome social media writer’s block, and deliver a response that will capture the attention of Twitter users.

The company’s development and UX teams created five categories from which users can select starting replies that will best grab the attention of potential customers. Each category offers approximately 30 suggested responses for each.

How it Works

In detailing how the feature works Beacom says, “These suggested replies help you to garner better replies within the SocialCentiv software, but these responses will still require some work on your behalf, including adding the Twitter user’s name to personalize each tweet, and including information about the offer. Because of this, you’ll notice that each suggested response is kept short and sweet, but focuses on starting the conversation.”

Those who log in to their SocialCentiv software account will temporarily see a pop up providing information about the new feature for further explanation. There is also an option to hide the suggestions if one would prefer to not utilize the added support.

About SocialCentiv Twitter Marketing Tool

SocialCentiv is a Twitter marketing tool that enables businesses to facilitate effective conversations on Twitter with customers who have expressed the intent to make a purchase related to products or services they offer. At any given moment, there are thousands of conversations taking place on the social network. The software scours through the mass number of conversations in real time, and finds those most relevant for a business’ Twitter marketing needs. The process helps businesses increase their engagement on Twitter to increase the number of quality leads generated by their social media marketing efforts.

Businesses can learn more about how SocialCentiv works by visiting, where they can also sign up for a free 7-day trial to test-drive the tool.

SocialCentiv is also interested in learning how current users enjoy the new “Suggested Replies” feature. Those who log in and explore it are encouraged to Tweet the company @SocialCentiv and comment their opinion about how it works. Additional comments, suggestions, or requests for the company are also welcome.

Media Contact:

Macy English, SocialCenitv

Find SocialCentiv on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.

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AP introduces advanced filter to reduce risk of swine virus outbreaks – Camfil Pathogen Barrier Pro


NJ, 07/29/2015 /SubmitPressRelease123/

AP (Automated Production Systems) is introducing an advanced new filter to help reduce the risk of swine viruses in pork production facilities. The Camfil Pathogen Barrier Pro uses a unique, specially designed glass/synthetic hybrid media, offering the benefits of both.

The efficiency of the glass media provides a particle capture efficiency of more than 95 percent on the most virulent particles sizes that hold the highest concentration of viruses and travel considerable distances. The new filter also offers the strength and durability of a synthetic filtration media to reduce the potential for installation and handling damage, further reducing the risk of livestock exposure to airborne contaminants such as PED and PRRS.

“The combined efficiency from fine fiber glass and the durability from synthetic components is five times stronger than standard glass media and provides the best possible protection against outbreaks,” said Brian Rieck, AP product manager. “And, like other Camfil filters, the Pathogen Barrier Pro filter is designed to stay in service for three to four years, with no loss in performance.”

Study shows reduced outbreaks with filters

A 10-year study conducted by the Swine Vet Center in St. Peter, Minnesota, has tracked disease outbreaks at more than 100 swine farms in south-central Minnesota before and after they installed filtration systems. On average, for the five years before installing filtration systems, 53.2 percent of the farms were experiencing outbreaks each year. After installing filtration, there was a dramatic decline, with only 9.6 percent of the farms having outbreaks.

Darwin Reicks, D.V.M., who has been tracking the study results, said the upfront cost of installing filtration systems may seem high to producers, but the investment is well worth it. “The results are telling,” said Dr. Reicks. “While no system can stop 100 percent of particles from entering barns, filtration does make a big difference. Prevention of one PRRS outbreak pays for the system.”

Rieck, of AP, said value is also an important consideration, noting that AP is the only company that guarantees its filters will hold their rated efficiency for the entire life of the filters. For additional information, visit or contact your AP dealer.

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NY Video production company launches tips on “What makes up the cost of video.”

New York, NY, 07/29/2015 /SubmitPressRelease123/

MultiVision Digital, a New York City based digital video content marketing company, having produced over 430 corporate video marketing productions in the past four years, has released two business video marketing tips to help buyers better understand what makes up the cost of a business video production or an animated explainer video project.

Over the past few years B2B website video communications have gained significant momentum because of the impact they have in driving every-day sales & results; compared to other digital marketing and traditional sales methods.

“We created these business video marketing tips to help buyers better understand what goes into the digital video production process so they can make the right decisions for their business when they speak with a professional video production company.”  While the videos do not list rates (as rates for a professional video production company in New York or New Jersey may vary from that of a Philadelphia video production company), the videos do highlight the main areas that will drive the cost up or down.

The two videos can be seen via the links below that will take you to MultiVision Digital’s website –

5 main areas that drive the cost of a professional digital business video production

4 main areas that drive the cost of an animated explainer video for business

Because digital video content marketing for business is just getting started, people need to be educated in order to make buying decisions.  Weiss continues, “We hope that these business video marketing tips give people an understanding of what a professional B2B digital video production company’s costs are when producing a business video content marketing project.”

MultiVision Digital’s blog is host to other business video marketing tips such as “one video is not a video content marketing strategy” and “An animated Explainer video on the state of B2B video content marketing”.


Media Contact

Robert Weiss

(646) 319.8609

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Goodway Group Announces Expansion Plans


Dallas, TX, USA, 07/29/2015 /SubmitPressRelease123/

Company Establishes New National and International Satellite Offices
PHILADELPHIA, PA – (July 29, 2015) – Goodway Group, an industry-leading digital media company with offices across the United States, is growing in terms of both personnel hires and office locations. Over the past year, the company has nearly doubled in size and is expanding with office locations in important national and international markets.
In establishing their first three international offices, Goodway will be capable of doing business in the key markets of London, Hong Kong and Toronto. Nationally, Goodway is adding offices in Los Angeles, Calif., and Dallas, Texas, spreading their footprint beyond their East Coast roots.
“Our growing client list and new referrals have dictated a need for expansion into these specific markets, both nationally and internationally,” said Jay Friedman, chief operating officer at Goodway Group. “We’re in the process of establishing offices in these five key developing ad tech markets to expand our capabilities on the ground. It’s a matter of being as proactive as possible in response to the increase of potential business within the ad tech industry.”
The new office locations are:
• Goodway Group California: Gas Company Tower, 555 W. Fifth St., Ste. 3100, Los Angeles, Calif. 90013. Phone: (213) 533-4231
• Goodway Group Texas: Park Seventeen Center, 1717 McKinney Ave., Ste. 700, Dallas, Texas 75202. Phone: (214) 593-6485
• Goodway Group London, UK: 1 Burwood Place, London, W2 2UT. Phone: +44 (0) 203 755-2936
• Goodway Group Hong Kong Limited: Hong Kong Shui On Centre 2/F Shui On Centre, 6-8 Harbour Road, Wanchai. Phone: (852) 2824-8307
• Goodway Group Toronto Limited: 1 Dundas St. West, Suite 2500  Toronto, ON, M5G 1Z3 Phone: 416.642.6481
For more information, please visit Goodway on the web at
About Goodway Group
Goodway Group is a leading managed-services programmatic partner to local, regional and Fortune 500 brand agencies. Bootstrapped and 100 percent privately owned since 1929, Goodway moved into the programmatic digital media space in 2006 to continue its rich history of tackling complex local and regional campaign executions with data science-driven targeting and support services to make achieving success easy for agency clients. Its proprietary algorithms pair with a technology-agnostic approach to enable agencies and marketers to achieve their ultimate goal – better results while remaining lean and nimble.
Media Contact:  
Jeffrey Cheatham
Senior Account Manager
TrizCom PR
Office: 972-247-1369
Mobile: 972-961-6171

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BMW of Cape Cod’s Nicholas Laham Graces Automotive News’ 40 Under 40


HYANNIS, Mass., 07/29/2015 /SubmitPressRelease123/

This year, the Automotive News 40 Under 40 Retail list honored up-and-coming talent who are diligent in their effort to provide and improve transparency at dealerships, and BMW of Cape Cod’s Nicholas Laham is a prominent example. Serving as general manager at just 26, Laham has facilitated and installed a no-haggle pricing philosophy that advanced BMW of Cape Cod to the best-selling BMW dealership in its regional market last year.

Laham began his young career in 2011 by managing a Toyota dealership in Middletown, Rhode Island, that had recently been purchased by his family’s Premier Companies auto group. By implementing the Premier Pure Price philosophy at Premier Toyota of Newport, Laham was able to dramatically increase the dealership’s customer-service scores, earning Toyota President’s Awards in 2011 and 2012. The dedicated general manager worked similar magic after taking the reins at the Premier Companies’ newly acquired BMW store in 2012, driving a steady and marked improvement in BMW of Cape Cod’s sales and customer-service scores.

“By allowing the market to determine a set price for all of our vehicles, we eliminate the most stressful part of the sales experience for our customers, and we’re able to dedicate our time to serving their needs instead of engaging in a lengthy negotiation process,” explained Laham. “Our customers deserve a simple, transparent look at what their ideal vehicle will cost, and that’s what they receive at BMW of Cape Cod and every other Premier Companies dealership.”

The third annual Automotive News 40 Under 40 Retail list was determined after several hundred candidates were nominated by their bosses and colleagues. Editors at the popular auto publication reviewed submitted information about the nominees’ careers and then followed up with references to acquire further details. Creating “astounding” results, the 40 winners stood out by blending the lessons of the past with modern techniques that are advancing the automotive-retail field as a whole.

About BMW of Cape Cod:

Part of the Premier Companies family of dealerships, BMW of Cape Cod combines stress-free, no-haggle pricing with an unwavering focus on customer service that fully complements the Ultimate Driving Machine. From the sporty BMW 3 Series to the luxurious BMW X5, the dealership offers a wide range of new and pre-owned BMW vehicles that are all backed by the Premier Pure Price philosophy. Stop by BMW of Cape Cod at 500 Yarmouth Rd. in Hyannis, Massachusetts, call their sales team at 888-306-0995 or visit them online at The dealership can also be found on Facebook at


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2015 Ford Escape Leads Crowded Field of Compact SUVs in J.D. Power IQS


GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colo., 07/29/2015 /SubmitPressRelease123/

As one of the fastest-growing vehicle segments, the crowded compact-SUV class presents some tough decisions for shoppers, but a new study from J.D. Power suggests that the 2015 Ford Escape is a smart choice for avoiding trouble early on. The 2015 Escape was awarded in the Compact SUV segment of the consumer-research firm’s 2015 Initial Quality Study (IQS), which measured the number of problems experienced per 100 vehicles (PP100) during the first 90 days of ownership.

Using a 233-question survey that covered eight problem areas, J.D. Power sought feedback from more than 84,000 owners and lessees of new 2015-model-year vehicles. The 2015 models with the lowest PP100 scores in their respective segments earned awards, with the 2015 Escape sharing bragging rights for the lowest PP100 score in the Compact SUV segment. Ford was also recognized for its 2015 Ford Super Duty, which stood alone atop the Large Heavy Duty Pickup segment.

“The J.D. Power IQS proves that there are some very real differences to consider if you want to be satisfied with your choice of compact SUV, and Ford’s experience in the segment really shines through with the 2015 Escape,” said Steve Nilsson, general manager of Glenwood Springs Ford, a Colorado Ford dealership near Grand Junction. “The first Escape hit the market 15 years ago, and Ford has refined the vehicle over three generations so that buyers get exactly what they’re looking for after they leave the dealership.”

With two available EcoBoost four-cylinder engines, the 2015 Ford Escape offers an appealing mix of responsive performance and cost-saving fuel efficiency. Buyers who opt for the 1.6-liter EcoBoost receive up to 32 mpg on the highway, while the 240-horsepower 2.0-liter EcoBoost enables the Escape to tow up to 3,500 pounds when equipped with the Class II Trailer Tow Package. Beyond the engine bay, owners can benefit from a range of optional technology features, including a foot-activated power liftgate, Active Park Assist and voice-activated SYNC connectivity for hands-free calling and integration with popular smartphone apps.

About Glenwood Springs Ford:

For more than three decades, Glenwood Springs Ford has been dedicated to building lasting relationships with Colorado drivers. Whether customers prefer rugged, capable vehicles like the Ford F-150 or stylish, fuel-efficient cars like the Ford Fiesta, the dealership employs a knowledgeable sales staff and expert technicians to ensure they leave satisfied. An easy drive from Aspen, Avon, Edwards or Vail, Glenwood Springs Ford is located at 55 Storm King Road in Glenwood Springs, Colo. Customers can also reach them by phone at 888-476-3624, browse their entire inventory at or find them on Facebook at

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