Palm Beach County Criminal Lawyer Traffic Attorney on Local Traffic


West Palm Beach , 01/29/2016 /SubmitPressRelease123/

Palm Beach County has seen growing disparity between pulling over blacks and whites in traffic stops, reports criminal defense attorney Andrew Stine.

The real motive for officers pulling over motorists throughout Palm Beach County, Fla. for not wearing their seat belts has nothing to do with the officers looking out for motorist safety. But the stop by the officers has everything to do with what other crimes they can manufacture after the stop has taken place, says criminal lawyer Andrew Stine.

Recently, the American Civil Liberties Union issued a report that calls on the Florida Attorney General’s Office and the Palm Beach County Commissioners to take action because of the alarming rate at which black residents of Palm Beach County, Fla. are stopped by law enforcement officers for not wearing seat belts. The published report shows that black motorists are stopped 3 times more often by Palm Beach County sheriffs on the county roadways than are white motorists. Now some might dismiss this information and say well if the black motorists were wearing their seat belts, then they would have nothing to worry about. But there is a bigger problem lurking here!

As a practicing criminal defense lawyer in Palm Beach County, Fla., I will tell you from experience that law enforcement officers pull over drivers not for the safety of the motorists who are not wearing their seat belts, but to investigate why certain people are driving in certain locations at certain times of day or night. Then after the stop, the sheriff deputies will be quick to say that they smell burning marijuana or that the driver is showing signs of intoxication so that the driver has to exit their vehicle and then the officer will likely search the car. The whole premise for stopping the automobile was to search the automobile in the first place and not for the safety measure built into wearing or not wearing your seat belt.

Black motorists are cited for seat belt violations 3 times more often than white motorists in Palm Beach County and if you look at the numbers of those stopped, it shows that those blacks stopped for not wearing their seat belts are young black males in the majority of the stops. This brings up an important issue. If you are stopped for a seat belt violation in Palm Beach County, what are your legal rights?

In Florida, police officers have probable cause to stop a motorist’s vehicle based on their not wearing a seat belt, and thus the officer’s stop does not violate the Fourth Amendment. As we can see from the data Florida’s seat belt law is no more than an open door policy to stop motorists and get into their vehicles. Well wait, what do you mean get into their vehicles, can they search the vehicle?

Remember, when a stopping officer approaches a vehicle that was stopped for a traffic citation, like not wearing a seat belt, the officer will request that the driver provide their driver’s license, registration and insurance information. In order to give the officer the requested information, the driver must turn down the window or open the door of the vehicle to comply with the officer’s request. Given that Palm Beach County judges will always take the word of an officer over that of a citizen, the officer will write in their report that they smelled marijuana emanating from the vehicle and thus the officer was within their Constitutional Rights to do an inventory search of the vehicle. But is this the law?

The analysis begins, as it should with every case, by addressing the reasonableness of a warrantless search with the basic rule that “searches conducted outside the judicial process, without prior approval by judge or magistrate, are per se unreasonable under the Fourth Amendment—subject only to a few specifically established and well-delineated exceptions that usually only deal with officer safety and preservation of evidence. Furthermore, if the officer has the driver out of the vehicle what is the danger to the officer and how can evidence be destroyed when no one is occupying the vehicle? Both answers are in the negative and thus, the officer DOES NOT have a right to search the automobile.

The US Supreme Court has reasoned that lower courts, like Palm Beach County trial courts, seem to treat the ability to search a vehicle incidental to the arrest of a recent occupant as a police entitlement rather than as an exception. Unfortunately, the exception that has been carved out in Palm Beach County for why officers have a right to search vehicles is that they subjectively smell burning marijuana. So if you are stopped for a seat belt violation and then the officer says “I smell marijuana” what should you do?

First, never give any officer the right or consent to search your vehicle. If the officer asks to search the vehicle say, No! If the officer removes you from the vehicle and begins to search the vehicle do not speak or make any comments as to what the office finds in the vehicle. Do not admit that anything found in the vehicle is in fact your property or was ever in your possession control or dominion. Lastly, remain still and obey the officer’s orders, so as to not get harmed or put anyone else in danger. Finally, if the officer finds illegal contraband just remain silent and follow the commands of the officer, do not run or make furtive movements.

So now that you know the real reason why black motorists get pulled over more than white motorists in Palm Beach County, it is time to act. If you or a loved one has been stopped and issued a notice to appear or have been arrested it behooves you to contact experienced Palm Beach criminal defense attorney Andrew D. Stine has been representing motorists stopped for crimes for well over a decade. Hire Stine or Do the Time! Call (561) 800-0160

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Classic Kutz Becomes Latest Film To Produced In Brunswick Georgia


Atlanta, Georgia, United States, 01/29/2016 /SubmitPressRelease123/

Shedding a new light on directors Rueben Wood, tells a profound story behind the lens as he captures the life of Theodore Maxwell. At only 24 the director says, “I have a different outlook on films, I like the Star Wars, Marvel Movies, and even a lot of Classics, but I just want people to think every time they watch one of my films.” Wood is also set to direct new movie “The American Black Man” later 2016 and to release February 2017.

Classic Kutz, is more than a documentary for some it is everyday life growing up in Brunswick, GA. Depending on the area you may stay in can seriously affect the way you grow up. Teddy Maxwell, went from poverty, to foster care, to hope as you witness in Classic Kutz. There is no easy way around telling the story of many problems faced by the black communities of Georgia. The documentary will have a limited theatrical release in Georgia, New York, and Los Angeles, CA.The story of one barber and his journey. Coming from foster care Teddy Maxwell becomes the celebrity barber and owner of Maxwell’s Classic Kutz. This Documentary was filmed in south east Georgia’s Glynn County, the birth place of Maxwell. Produced by Celebrity Journalist Rueben Wood.

Capturing the life of one barber and struggle of Southern Georgia to say the least, explains the life of Theodore Maxwell. Brunswick, Georgia is known for once being a ship harbor, turned island community. Also The Battle Of The Bloody Marsh took place in this same small town off its shores. Pertaining to todays urban communities of Southern Georgia, because of poverty and living standards it is hard for many to make it to a better place of living. Classic Kutz gives clear evidence of what life has become for many, but how you can overcome it with motivation. The soundtrack was produced by Rueben Wood with songs featuring J Metro, and Relli Rok Omega. Released by The Orchard and Sony Music Entertainment the soundtrack to Classic Kutz came in at #36 on the iTop Charts for iTunes as January 24, 2015.

Watch the movie now here:

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Final phases of Denver-based Tejon34 hit the market

Denver, 01/28/2016 /SubmitPressRelease123/

In a world where developers typically maximize density on residential projects, River Meadow LLC has taken a different approach, with the 20 townhomes and eight condos that make up Tejon34 surrounding an inviting common courtyard.

“We could have built more on the site, but we thought the responsible way to design the project was to give our residents a place to gather and interact with each other,” said Ray Kawano, managing partner of River Meadow. “The townhomes give buyers a contemporary urban living option in the heart of a culturally diverse neighborhood that has a blend of restaurants, shops and community events.”

With front doors and porches facing the street or the courtyard, Tejon34 also offers residents the opportunity to connect with the surrounding community, unlike many of the newly built projects in LoHi where the front doors are accessed through an alley.

With the first three phases of Tejon34 sold out, townhomes in the final two phases will hit the market on Jan. 29 with prices ranging from $750,000 to $1.25 million. The 24-foot-wide residences at the corner of West 34th Avenue and Tejon Street range in size from 1,872 square feet to 2,928 square feet and feature energy-efficient systems combined with environmentally sensitive, locally sourced materials, including brick, stone and steel.

“Homes that have design sensitivity to the neighborhood sell for more per square foot than homes that have less thoughtful design,” said Paul Tamburello, broker/owner of Generator Real Estate, which is marketing the property in conjunction with Red Chair Realty Advisors. “This is a community of buildings that, because of the quality of materials and attention to detail, will hold their value and stand the test of time.”

Kawano has taken a hands-on role in overseeing the planning, design and construction teams from the onset of the project. He played a similar role in 3650 Osage, a townhome development within a few blocks of Tejon34.

With newly built homes scarce in Denver’s trendy LoHi neighborhood, Tejon34 gives prospective buyers the opportunity to purchase a residence in one of the city’s most sought-after neighborhoods.

The homes are hitting the market just as escalating apartment rents and low interest rates are prompting many renters to consider buying. The average rent for all units in the Denver area at the end of September was $1,291.85, 12.8 percent more than the $1,145.49 reported during the third quarter last year.

Rick Flanagan, broker/owner of Red Chair Realty Advisors, says interest in the townhomes already has been strong — especially from empty nesters living in the suburbs who now want to be in the city closer to Denver’s top restaurants and the action downtown. The $250 monthly HOA dues pay for exterior and roof maintenance, sewer, water, snow removal, insurance and grounds maintenance.

“The 24-foot-wide floor plans make these townhomes feel like single-family homes,” Flanagan said. “And with the reasonable homeowners’ association dues, the services that come with them are unmatched.”

About River Meadow, LLC

River Meadow, LLC is a residential developer in Denver, specializing in upscale multi-family townhomes and condos in the vibrant Highland/ North Denver community. The company and its investors consist of family members with deep roots in North Denver, spanning four generations.

River Meadow integrates all aspects of a project under its leadership. This allows planning, design and construction to be performed almost seamlessly. The outcome is a final product of un-compromised quality and integrity.

River Meadow homes are characterized by the use of environmentally conscious materials, thoughtful and efficient floor plans as well as unique and refreshing design elements.

About Generator Real Estate & Development, LLC

Generator is a real estate and development firm specializing in the Highland area where it continues to be a driving influence in developing the North West Denver community. Paul Tamburello, who has lived and worked in Highland for 20 years, leads his talented team in serving the needs of Denver-area property owners.

About Red Chair Realty Advisors, LLC

Founded by Rick Flanagan in 2001, Red Chair Realty provides a full range of services including builder concierge services, site selection, design & finish consult, marketing and sales.  The firm is a trusted partner in setting sales targets, identifying opportunities and by providing buyer-driven sales targets & results.  The Red Chair team offers more than 50 years of combined experience, ensuring its clients the best path to success in their quest to buy and sell real estate.

#RiverMeadow #Generatorrealestate #RedChairRealty

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Padgett Financial Services Hits Their 13 Year Milestone

Boca Raton, FL, United States, 01/28/2016 /SubmitPressRelease123/

BOCAT RATON, FLORIDA:  David J. Lappin, of Padgett Business Services located in Boca Raton, FL, is an accountant with 35 years’ experience.  Mr. Lappin has experience with business, accounting, and taxes that he has successfully provided to the South Florida business community.

Mr. Lappin has provided public accounting, tax assistance, auditing, and accounting services to small and medium sized business; public, private, and individual.  It is his goal to provide the same level of service to a small business that huge conglomerates receive.

Padgett Business Services and Mr. Lappin provide advice on:

  • Financial Management for small business owners to help maneuver through tax codes and helping with fiscal planning.
  • Tax Consultation is helpful in determining how and which taxes will most affect your small business.  Padgett Business Services can help you with income tax, payroll tax, sales tax, or any other tax that may impact your goals and how you do business.
  • Financial Reporting provided by Padgett Business Services ensures that the reports you must make will be properly organized and in compliance with government regulations.
  • Complete Payroll Service is a way that small businesses can ensure they are in compliance with laws and regulations and to make the end of the year taxes easier to manage.  We do it right from the start.

Personal Taxes

With Padgettt Payroll Services and David J. Lappin, the stress of tax season can be a thing of the past.  We will ensure that your personal taxes are prepared accurately and on time.  Our tax organizer is unique to our business, and they give you the help you need to keep your tax information organized throughout the year.  We send our staff to conferences about tax laws to keep up with changing and complicated tax laws.  Drop-ins and walk-ins are always welcome.

Padgett Business Services

Give us a call or stop by and let us show you what makes our full service tax and business assistance all that you are looking for.  With 35 years’ experience, stop by and visit David J. Lappin at Padgett Payroll Services and see how we can help you.

Watch Video


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Project Halcyon Does Due Diligence in a Different Way


New York, NY, USA, 01/28/2016 /SubmitPressRelease123/

Around the United States at any given time, thousands of companies are raising capital; some of those funds fuel growth and expansion and while other resources are earmarked for acquisitions and mergers. New sources of funding certainly can jumpstart next level growth, but nearly every single organization faces the same human capital challenges: how to identify and keep top performers; how to attract and grow new hires into the next generation of leaders; and in mergers how to create a learning organization that blends disparate cultures. 

Two consulting industry veterans have decided to join forces to provide unique human capital-focused professional services to pre-money and post-money organizations and their investors. The firm, Project Halcyon, partners with most of their clients by taking a small ownership stake and offering ongoing consulting services that help clients achieve growth through people and teams. 

“After nearly 15 years working with entrepreneurs in companies from startup to over $1 billion in revenue, I’m convinced that success does not come from having a great idea that turns into a great product or service. Instead, long lasting success relies on having a great team that works together to produce that great product or service and on leaders who excel at identifying, building and motivating those great teams,” said Lauren Fritsch. 

Fritsch, based in New York City, brings to Project Halcyon over a decade of experience consulting with firms in fashion, technology, professional services, manufacturing and media. Whether her clients sell handbags or software, she realizes that people problems are universal and has created three paradigmatic systems to address leadership, sales, and management.

Lauren Zeien, based in Dallas, joins Fritsch at Project Halcyon. Zeien has consulted with a variety of firms in technology, consumer products and entertainment through her company Strategy Artists that was acquired in 2015 by Dallas-based firm Velocis. Zeien excels at leading teams to create systems and cultures that promote productivity and growth through strategic execution.

“We’ve worked with Lauren on several long term projects at our US subsidiary that resulted in an increase in sales, better morale and lower turnover. Moreover, our parent company adopted her approach for our global management team- her approach was spot on,” said Steven DeJong, President of Lohmann Technologies Corporation and its US subsidiaries.


Project Halcyon provides pre-money and post-money human capital assessments and consulting in all stages of the business life cycle for startups, venture capital, private equity and mergers and acquisitions. For more information visit: or contact 

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1800 Car Wreck Texas – Title Sponsor of K104’s Big Game Bash 2016

1-800-CAR-WRECK Will Be Title Sponsor of K104’s Big Game Bash 2016

The Dallas-Fort Worth law firm will sponsor the top area Hip Hop and R&B radio station’s anticipated football game viewing party.

DFW – The most anticipated football watch party in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex is set to take place on February 7th. K104’s Big Game Bash 2016 will be held at the Studio Movie Grill at Northwest Highway with the Dallas-Fort Worth personal injury law firm of Eberstein Witherite LLP as its title sponsor. The 1-800-CAR-WRECK team has for consecutive years provided sponsorship for the annual event and has been making preparations to ensure that this year’s Big Game Bash will be the best one to date.

The Biggest Big Game Watch Party in DFW

With free food, fun, and prizes on site, the Big Game Bash hosted by popular local radio station K104, has earned a reputation as the biggest and best football watch party in DFW. Hundreds of people in the area have every year since its inception turned out to celebrate their favorite teams as they compete for the championship win.

For this year’s event, which will be at the Studio Movie Grill located at 10110 Technology Blvd., Dallas, Texas 75220, the 1-800-CAR-WRECK team will be on hand to pass out swag including t-shirts to guests.

Those in attendance will be able to watch the live pregame show, highly anticipated halftime performances, and game all on the Studio Movie Grill big screen.

Doors open at 3 pm, so welcomed ticketholders are asked to line up early to get the best available seating and have access to free drinks and food. Each year, Big Game Bash hosts over 2,000 attendees. Says Lucy Tiseo, who coordinates community events for the law firm, “we want to make sure that everyone who wants to join in this year’s festivities has the opportunity so we have been making preparations for one of the largest crowd turnouts we have seen at the Big Game Bash to date.”

Those who want more information about getting free tickets for the event can visit today.

About Eberstein Witherite LLP, 1-800-CAR-WRECK

The Texas personal injury law firm of Eberstein Witherite LLP has been a community service oriented law firm since it was founded more than a decade ago. The firm offers legal services to individuals throughout the state of Texas who have been injured in a serious motor vehicle accident and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. In addition to being one of the most well respected law firms in Texas that advocates on behalf of personal injury victims, Eberstein Witherite is also highly regarded for its dedication to causes important to the communities serviced by the firm. The firm has offices in Dallas, Fort Worth, and Houston.

The firm’s co-founder, Dallas injury trial lawyer Amy Witherite, says of the upcoming Big Game Bash “we have joined forces with K104 for the event for years and it seems to get more and more exciting each year. We always have such a great time whenever we team up with the station for a community event.”

For more information about the Eberstein Witherite firm, or how to sign up for free tickets to the upcoming Big Game Bash event please visit today.

Media Contact:

Lucy Tiseo

Eberstein Witherite LLP

Phone: 866-774-5410

Connect with Eberstein Witherite on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+

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Goodway Group Develops Algorithm to Manage Ad Frequency


Dallas, 01/26/2016 /SubmitPressRelease123/

Value-added Service Designed to Maximize Targeting of Consumers

         JENKINTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA – (Jan. 26, 2016) – Goodway Group, the U.S.’s leading managed-services programmatic partner to local, regional and Fortune 500 brand agencies, has developed a value-added proprietary service for their clients to help maximize mismanaged frequency targeting in digital ad campaigns – an issue currently causing marketers to waste approximately four percent of their total spends.

When targeting users through typical digital campaigns, marketers can set a daily limit of ads they can serve throughout the day or set a campaign cap of how many ads they can serve over the course of a campaign. However, when marketers use this “set it and forget it” model of serving ads, they’re missing out on a portion of prime impressions and possible conversions – because many who are repeatedly served have no purchase intention.

These ads are being repeatedly served to users who have either already been exposed enough times to indicate they won’t take action, or they simply have no intention of taking action to begin with. Yet many marketers continue to serve these non-buyers the same ads because of the “set it and forget it” model, leading to wasteful spending by marketers who aren’t achieving the highest possible conversion rates.

In studying this issue, Goodway created an innovative proprietary algorithm solution.

The algorithm went through 30 days of development and an additional 30 days of testing to ensure its success in optimizing target audiences. The algorithm is capable of deciding when it’s no longer worth showing the same user another ad impression and when it’s instead advantageous to show a different user with less frequency an additional impression.

“Four percent of a digital budget may not sound like a lot,” says Jay Friedman, chief operating officer of Goodway Group. “However, in this day and age, a typical digital ad campaign has a $10 million budget. So $400,000 then becomes a large chunk of the budget that could be used much more effectively.”

Goodway Group uses this value-added service to ensure their clients receive the highest conversion rates possible on their digital ad campaigns.

Goodway Group is a leading managed-services programmatic partner to local, regional and Fortune 500 brand agencies. Bootstrapped and 100 percent privately owned since 1929, Goodway moved into the programmatic digital media space in 2006 to continue its rich history of tackling complex local and regional campaign executions with data science-driven targeting and support services to make achieving success easy for agency clients. Its proprietary algorithms pair with a technology-agnostic approach to enable agencies and marketers to achieve their ultimate goal – better results while remaining lean and nimble. For more information go to


Media Contact:

Nikki Darling
TrizCom PR
Office: 972-247-1369

Jo Trizila
TrizCom PR
Office: 972-247-1369

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California Now Has 4,054 Wineries


San Rafael, Ca, USA, 01/26/2016 /SubmitPressRelease123/

San Rafael, Calif.—The number of North American wineries reached 9,436 in 2015, according to Wines & Vines, and nearly half of those were in California. The authoritative winery count, drawn from the company’s exhaustively maintained database, grew by 5% from 2014.

Wines & Vines magazine reports this sign of a steadily growing wine economy in its 2016 Directory & Buyers Guide released this week, along with 12 other extensive content sections.

It’s no surprise that California remained far in the lead for number of wineries, with a net increase of 141 bonded and virtual wineries in the past year to total 4,054. Washington state was No. 2 with 718 wineries, closely trailed by Oregon, which nearly closed the gap between the two neighboring states. Oregon’s net increase was 57, for a total of 689, while Washington added 14.

Each of the 50 states has wineries, and half of them now have at least 50 wineries within their borders. States growing at the fastest rates include Ohio, up 15% to 181 wineries, Minnesota, up 15% to 62 wineries, and Florida, up 22% to 55 wineries.

Wines Vines Analytics, the magazine’s market-research team, covers both bonded and virtual wineries through proprietary research methodology, aided by multiple communications with each winery every year and thorough review of numerous public records sources. Bonded or U.S. wineries grew to 7,062, while virtual wineries (those that produce their wine at host facilities) increased to 1,640.

The numbers were released in advance of the wine industry’s biggest annual gathering this week in Sacramento, the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium.

The average winery size remains very small, as 6,850 wineries produced less than 5,000 cases of wine annually, and just 64 wineries bottled more than 500,000 cases.

This largest group saw an increase of six new members last year: Domaine Chandon, Michael David Winery, NakedWines, San Antonio and Terravant (all from California), and Goose Ridge and Zirkle Wine Co. of Washington state. One winery, Meiomi founder Copper Cane Wines & Provisions, dropped off the largest wineries list when Constellation Wines bought Meiomi.

New Directory & Buyer’s Guide

The 2016 Directory & Buyer’s Guide is the most comprehensive information source for the North American wine industry. It contains two major sections: the Winery Directory, which has detailed information about every winery, and the Buyer’s Guide, which provides content about equipment, supplies and services for the wine industry—plus a wide array of other valuable information for wine producers, grapegrowers, wine industry trade members and suppliers to the wine industry.

The current edition features more than 850 North American winegrape growers, more than 1,000 wine distributors listed by metropolitan area with contact information and the wineries and brands they represent, and a completely updated direct shipping compliance section, among many other content offerings.

The 2016 Directory & Buyer’s Guide comes in a spiral-bound print format and is also accessible in searchable format online. Both are included for one price.

The extensive listings of contacts and offerings within the Directory & Buyer’s Guide include:

• Wineries

• Winery and brand cross-reference

• Custom crush and winery cross-reference

• Wine grape growers

• Grower and winery cross-reference

• Direct-shipping regulations

• Distributors linked to wineries and brands

• Trade/grower/winery associations

• Wine writers

• New-generation website

• Wine competitions

• Wine industry PR firms

• U.S. grape crop authorities

• University programs in viticulture and enology

• Government offices and alcohol control boards

• Viticultural areas of North America

• Suppliers listed by those serving wineries, vineyards and general customers.

Wines & Vines’ 2016 Directory & Buyer’s Guide is available for $95 through the magazine’s website,

For more information, contact publisher Chet Klingensmith at or (415) 453-9700, or editor Jim Gordon at or (415) 453-9700.

Wines & Vines is based at 65 Mitchell Blvd., Suite A, San Rafael, CA 94903.


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Engrain Launches TouchTour® into Homebuilding Industry and Unveils SightMapTM


Denver, CO, 01/25/2016 /SubmitPressRelease123/

Engrain (, the leader in touch technology for the real estate industry, officially announced its entry into the U.S. homebuilding industry during last week’s 2016 International Builders’ Show® (IBS) in Las Vegas. It was a momentous week for the firm as it also launched its interactive marketing website map product SightMapTM at the convention. The new online technology is the first to offer the real estate industry a responsive, website based, community map that is mobile optimized and clearly displays unit specific availability and information.

Engrain revealed that it has expanded its customer focus of TouchTour® to include the thriving single-family homebuilding industry in the United States. TouchTour is an award-winning digital marketing and sales/leasing resource that allows real estate developers of all sizes to effectively promote residential and commercial properties with greater efficiency and increased profitably. TouchTour continues to expand its application environments to meet a substantial demand for its innovative technology.

“The extension of TouchTour into the single-family homebuilding industry is part of Engrain’s strategic long-term growth strategy,” said Engrain President and CEO Brent Steiner. “Our increased collaboration with leading homebuilders and home sales professionals has provided a great deal of insight into the needs and expectations of the industry. We felt that the International Builders’ Show was an ideal time to make this announcement.”

Now available to single-family homebuilders, TouchTour gives prospective homebuyers instant access to a memorable interactive tour of new-home communities, often before construction has even begun. The technology entices visitors to step closer and engage with large (42” – 84”) touchscreens while exploring available floor plans and exterior elevations with tapsswipes and other multi-touch gestures. TouchTour also allows sales teams to continue conversations with potential homebuyers via full guest card integration, simplifying prospect profile gathering and streamlining the sales process.

In a homebuilding setting, TouchTour provides:


High-level master plan map with dynamic layers and markers depicting media or detailed content


Allows prospects to view plat availability by location and customized search filtering


Showcases floor plans and invites prospective buyers to swipe through exterior style options or renderings


View builder and community information or additional renderings, images, videos, fly-through tours, embedded YouTube or Vimeo videos and virtual tours


A Google-based proximity map with highlighted points of interest to paint a complete picture of the surrounding community and nearby amenities


A rotating slideshow with marketing or buyer focused messaging (weather, news, etc.)


Provides the opportunity to save the floor plans and images selected by a prospective buyer and then follow-up with a branded email and web-based landing page


Allows on-site or marketing managers to maintain complete control of marketing copy, availability and media displayed on TouchTour panels


Easy installation of hardware purchased through Engrain


Consistent and reliable technical support and training

Engrain also formally unveiled SightMap, an online product for homebuilders, master planned communities, condominium communities, student housing and multifamily communities. SightMap brings a powerful interactive component to websites by offering responsive community maps, mobile optimized and easy to use from any device. The new online technology filters home and unit availability by client outlined search criteria and effectively showcases marketing content, including 2D and 3D floor plans, views, optional finishes and virtual tours. SightMap also provides vital outbound call to action options including integrated appointment scheduling, online applications and online chat.

About Engrain:

Engrain is at the forefront of emerging technology, developing software for both large-screen and portable touch technology. The firm works with real estate developers, property management companies and other organizations in the industry to craft systems that make information more visual, more meaningful and more accessible for their prospects, residents, visitors and staff. Its TouchTour systems serve as the focal point of an “information ecosystem” that includes custom-branded websites, email- and SMS-based information sharing and integrations with property management, lead tracking and other software. For more information, visit


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Radical PI Sport Co Sees Surge in Global Sales with Commitment to Positivity


Cleveland, OH, United States, 01/25/2016 /SubmitPressRelease123/

Radical PI Sport Co Sees Surge in Global Sales with Commitment to Positivity

Los Angeles, CA–January 18, 2016–Radical PI Sport Co–a Cleveland, Ohio based sport and apparel company–has seen a recent surge in global sales which they attribute to their overall commitment to positive thinking and outlook. As their corporate mantra of “Everyday in Everyway…Better and Better” suggests, R.P.S.C. is dedicated to boosting individual self-esteem and general well-being through a positive state of mind. From the mundane simplicities of everday life to the extraordinary moments of rising to a particular occasion, Radical PI Sport Co recognizes that a strong, positive outlook can often be the difference between success and failure.

When reached for comment, Ms. Brit–Radical PI Sport Co’s brand manager–stated that “Radical PI was founded on positivity. I don’t see how anything in our way of doing business could change concerning that. With the vast amount of negativity that exists in the World, positive, uplifting thinking seems a must-have for everyone’s life. The fact that people are accepting and supporting our mantra with such enthusiasm is not surprising to us.” Radical PI Sport Co has seen a recent boost in domestic and global sales and interest. Ms Brit went on to say: “At least once a week someone stops me and lets me know that Radical PI’s edict of ‘Everyday; Everyway; Better’ has helped them develop and grow in some sort of way; it’s very rewarding to know that we can have such a powerful impact.”

Pat Riley–owner of nine NBA championship rings–once said “if you have a positive attitude and constantly strive to give your best effort, eventually you will overcome your immediate problems and find you are ready for greater challenges.” Radical PI Sport Co seems to understand and embrace this type of thinking. Ms. Brit continued by saying: “the fact that our sales and interests have increased on a global level demonstrates, in some sort of way, the power of positivity; at least that’s the way we see it. We truly want to see the people and circumstances of the World become better. Obviously not all at once, but little by little is better than nothing.”

Radical PI Sport Co has become an increasingly strong player in the realm of the ever changing apparel slash sport industry. While striving towards quality and performance, R.P.S.C. also continues to push towards positive reinforcement concerning mental attitudes and attempting to be the best that one can be. “Whether it’s going to work and striving to be better or pushing towards running one’s first marathon, Radical PI wants an individual to know that we believe in the fact that ‘everyday in everyway, I am better and better!”

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