Street Racers Kill And Injure Others Says Boca Car Accident Lawyer Joe Osborne

Street Racers Kill And Injure Others Says Boca Car Accident Lawyer Joe Osborne

Boca Raton, FL, USA, 07/31/2017 /SubmitPressRelease123/

Street racing is illegal. It may look fun and exciting in movies and on television but the reality is that it recklessly endangers the health and lives of participants and any pedestrians or motorists who get in the way. Street racers can be held accountable for the deaths and injuries they cause says Boca car accident lawyer Joe Osborne.

Earlier this month a 24-year-old man was sentenced to four years in prison because of his involvement in a street race in Hawthorne, California, last year that killed a popular elementary school music teacher, Benny Golbin, 36, reports the Los Angeles Times. Alfredo Perez Davila was sentenced after pleading no contest to gross vehicular manslaughter. He was originally charged with murder, gross vehicular manslaughter and engaging in a speed contest, but plead no contest to the one charge as part of a plea bargain.

He and Anthony Leon Holley are accused of racing each other in January 2016 when the collision occurred. Police say Davila lost control of his car, swerved across several lanes of traffic, struck the center median and went airborne into traffic coming the opposite way. His car struck Golbin’s car, killing him instantly.

Golbin, who was an alto saxophonist, left his job at the Children of Promise Preparatory Academy in Inglewood and was on his way to teach a class in the Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District when the accident occurred. Davila was uninjured and was arrested at the scene. The other driver turned himself into police and plead no contest to a felony hit-and-run charge as part of his own plea bargain deal and he is expected to be sentenced to probation.

At Davila’s sentencing hearing one of Golbin’s friends, Hugh Von Kleist, encouraged Davila to raise awareness of the dangers of street racing. “A car is a weapon,” he said. “It is very heavy. And it is very fast.”

Another innocent bystander was killed by street racers in January in Davie, Florida. Dominick Del Pozzo died after he was thrown from his minivan after a head-on collision with another car that was street racing, according to the Sun Sentinel. He pulled onto Davie Road southbound when he was struck by a Mercedes sedan speeding north while racing a silver Infiniti.

Del Pozzo owned Culinary Affairs Catering in Fort Lauderdale. He was from Naples, Italy, and grew up watching his father run the Monte Carlo restaurant in Queens, New York. He was leaving Restaurant Depot, a wholesale restaurant equipment store, just before the crash.

How popular is street racing? In 2012 state troopers received a tip about organized illegal street racing in Northwest Miami-Dade and they found more than a thousand cars lined up on Okeechobee Road near Northwest 137th Avenue. Some of their owners came to race, some to watch (which is also illegal in Florida), according to NBC Miami.

Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Nelvys Hernandez told the station the area was dangerous for the racers and anyone who gets near them. “This is a death valley when so many people gather out here,” Hernandez was quoted as saying. “It’s just horrendous to see so many vehicles coming in and out at a high rate of speed.”

If you or a loved one has been injured in a vehicle accident caused by street racing, contact Boca car accident lawyer Joe Osborne at (561) 800-4011 or fill out this online contact form. You can discuss your case, how the law may apply and your best legal options to protect your rights and obtain compensation for your injuries.

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He Didn’t Read Me My Rights! Now What? Explains Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyer

He Didn’t Read Me My Rights! Now What? Explains Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyer

Dallas, TX, USA, 07/31/2017 /SubmitPressRelease123/

I often have clients or family members tell me that the arresting police officer did not read the arrested person their rights. They want to know whether the failure to read someone their rights means that the person’s case should be dismissed. Unfortunately, the answer is, “no.” says Dallas criminal defense lawyer John Helms. The fact that the police do not inform an arrested person of their rights does not, by itself, mean that the case should be dismissed. In some cases, though, it can make a difference in how strong the case against the person may be.

A person’s “rights” in this context are those that the United States Supreme Court discussed in the case of Miranda v. Arizona. They include the right to remain silent, the right to have a lawyer present during any questioning, and the right to have a lawyer appointed if the person cannot afford one.

The police are not required to inform you of those rights. However, if they do not, then any statements you make in response to questioning while you are in custody generally cannot be used against you at trial. This was the rule that the Supreme Court announced in the Miranda case. So, the failure to inform you of these rights does not mean the case just goes away.

To understand why it is important to understand why the Supreme Court established the Miranda rule. Our Constitution does not allow the police to force people to confess to crimes.  When someone is in police custody, they may believe that they have no choice except to answer questions.  They may also not realize that they can end the questioning by asking to have a lawyer present.  The Miranda decision means that the police must tell a suspect who is in custody that they are not required to answer the questions and that they can have a lawyer.  This prevents the police from making someone believe that they have no choice but to answer, and it prevents the police from endlessly questioning a person in custody against the person’s will.  There are exceptions, but this is how it works.

The rule is designed to apply to police practices during questioning when someone is in custody. It has nothing to do with other evidence the police have found at the crime scene or in other places so that evidence can still be used. That is why the case is not just dismissed.

There are cases, though, in which critical evidence of a person’s guilt consists of a statement to the police under questioning while in custody. If the police did not first inform the person of the Miranda rights, the statement generally cannot be used at trial. This may mean that the case is much weaker.

On the other hand, if the arrested person did not make any meaningful statements to the police while in custody, there is nothing to keep out, so the failure to inform the person of the Miranda rights makes no difference.

The Miranda rule has exceptions, and it only applies when the person is “in custody.” It also does not apply to statements that a person makes voluntarily. So, if a person is riding in a police car after an arrest and suddenly blurts out, “I did it!” this statement can be used whether the police informed the person of the Miranda rights or not.

The law in this area is complicated. An experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer will know the law in this area and should consider whether any statements by the accused can be suppressed, and if so, what difference it would make.

If you, a family member or someone you know has been charged with a crime in the Dallas area, contact Dallas criminal defense lawyer John Helms at (214) 666-8010 or fill out the online contact form. You can discuss your case, how the law may apply and your best legal options to protect your rights and freedom.

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Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer Discusses Takata Airbag Death

Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer Discusses Takata Airbag Death

Philadelphia, 07/31/2017 /SubmitPressRelease123/

For what appears to be the first time, a person has been killed by a Takata airbag in a car that wasn’t moving at the time of the accident. The New York Times reports that a man in Florida was repairing a parked 2001 Honda Accord in Miami, Florida when he used a hammer, which apparently caused the airbag to deploy. The ruptured airbag blew up and caused the man to suffer serious injuries. He died in the hospital the next day.

The media reports that the death is the twelfth U.S. fatality linked to Takata airbags according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the seventeenth death worldwide. The exploding airbags send metal shrapnel flying through the vehicle, which can cause devastating and deadly injuries.

Until this accident, however, the fatalities and injuries associated with the defective Takata airbags have occurred in collisions, in which the affected vehicles were in motion and struck an object or another car.

The Ongoing Takata Airbag Recall

The Takata recall, which is the largest, most comprehensive product recall in history, began in 2008. At the time, it affected Honda vehicles and included just 4,000 cars. By 2011, the recall had ballooned to over 2 million vehicles. By 2017, it involves 70 million airbags in 42 million vehicles across 19 auto manufacturers.

As Consumer Reports explains, “At the heart of the problem is the airbag’s inflator, a metal cartridge loaded with propellant wafers, which in some cases has ignited with explosive force. If the inflator housing ruptures in a crash, metal shards from the airbag can be sprayed throughout the passenger cabin — a potentially disastrous outcome from a supposedly life-saving device.”

Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer Discusses Defective Takata Airbags

Philadelphia car accident lawyer Rand Spear explains, “If you own any kind of vehicle, it is extremely important to check if it is included in the Takata airbag recall. Whether you bought your vehicle new or used, your car or truck may contain defective Takata airbags. Both domestic and foreign cars are affected, and the recall covers vehicles manufactured over a large span of years. As this tragic case demonstrates, the car may not even have to be moving for the airbag to cause a catastrophic injury or death.”

To determine if your car is part of the recall, visit the website and look up your vehicle by its vehicle identification number (VIN) or make and model. is maintained by the NHTSA and they regularly update the site to include the latest Takata information.

Contact a Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer Today

If you’ve been injured in any type of car accident, you have important rights, and you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and other losses. Don’t wait to speak to an experienced personal injury lawyer about your case. Discuss your options and the next steps in your case with Philadelphia car accident lawyer Rand Spear today at 888-373-4LAW.



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Should States Get Rid Of Cash Bail Systems?

Should States Get Rid Of Cash Bail Systems?

Dallas, Texas, 07/31/2017 /SubmitPressRelease123/

Everyone has heard the term “bail,” but do you really know what it means? In most jurisdictions in the country, when you’re arrested and charged with a crime, the court has the option to set bail. This is a specific amount of money you pay to the court to obtain your release from jail while you await the next step in your case — usually a court proceeding, such as a trial.

Courts set the bail amount depending on a variety of factors, including the seriousness of the alleged crime, the person’s criminal past, how long they’ve resided in the community, and any history of drug or alcohol-related convictions. Basically, the court tries to assess if the person is likely to skip town and attempt to avoid prosecution. If the criminal charge is something non-violent, such as passing bad checks, bail is likely to be set quite low. But if the charge is particularly egregious, such as murder, bail will probably be set in the tens of thousands or higher. In some cases, bail can reach into the millions. In some cases, the court has the option to refuse to set bail and to hold the person in jail pending trial.

Because most people don’t have access to large sums of cash, bail bondsmen offer short-term loans to individuals who have been charged with crimes. The person pays a nonrefundable fee — between 10 and 20 percent — of the total bail, and the bail bond agent puts up the rest of the money to the court in the event the person fails to appear in court.

Why Some States Are Getting Rid of Cash Bail

As PBS reports, the cash bail system is the norm in most states, but it is not without its critics. The problem, criminal justice advocates claim, is that cash bail often traps people in a cycle of poverty and crime.

In some cases, people charged with non-violent offenses can’t even afford to use the services of a bail bondsman. Without the ability to make bail, they lose their jobs. Even if they’re later found innocent of the crime they were charged with, they may eventually turn to theft or another type of crime just to make ends meet.

The problem has become so widespread that some jurisdictions, such as New Jersey, have eliminated cash bail altogether. According to a 2013 study in the Garden State, 40 percent of people held in New Jersey jails were there only because they couldn’t afford bail. In most cases, minority inmates were the most likely to be unable to pay. The study also found that judges had a tendency to set bail higher for black and Latino defendants.

Call a Texas Criminal Defense Attorney If You Have Been Charged with a Crime

If you’ve been charged with a crime in Texas, don’t leave your freedom to chance. Get in touch with a skilled Texas criminal defense lawyer today.



Broden & Mickelsen, LLP Texas criminal defense lawyer

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An Update On Trucking Regulations And Why You Need To Care

An Update On Trucking Regulations And Why You Need To Care

Dallas, Texas, 07/31/2017 /SubmitPressRelease123/

A number of big truck regulations are in various states of flux because of the transfer of power from the Obama Administration to the Trump Administration. And although this is business as usual when a new president takes power, the trucking regulations in question – which include a mandate that requires all truck carriers to install electronic logging devices and a proposal to curb the maximum speed of commercial trucks – could have a direct effect on road safety.

That’s because the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has designed these regulations to make the roads safer by installing new technology and by regulating commercial truck driver behavior. Because of this, this is an important issue for all drivers and deserves a closer look to see just where these regulations stand in 2017.

Status of the ELD Mandate

The status of the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate is important, because if passed, the regulation would require all truck carriers to install ELDs in their trucks.

Currently, all commercial truck drivers are required to manually complete log books that detail the number of hours they have driven and the number of rest periods they have taken each day.

Logbooks maintain a record of the mandatory rest periods that drivers must observe, and they are designed to combat driver fatigue, which is one of the major causes of commercial truck wrecks.

The problem is that some truck drivers manipulate their logbooks and continue to drive beyond the limits imposed by the FMCSA, causing fatigued driving that could lead to devastating accidents.

ELDs would resolve this problem, because they cannot be falsified, and they provide real-time monitoring of driving hours and rest periods.

According to Glostone Trucking Solutions, the ELD mandate has survived a court challenge from a major trucking organization and is expected to go into effect without further obstacles in December of this year. (1)

Status of the Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse

The status of the Commercial Driver’s License Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse is similar to that of the ELD mandate. This mandate would establish a national database for commercial drivers’ drug and alcohol testing information.

Truck carriers would have to register all their drivers and upload test results into the database. This would provide information about any positive tests as well as drivers who have refused to submit to mandatory drug and alcohol tests.

Currently, drivers who test positive for drug or alcohol in one state, can apply for a job in another state without disclosing these results. Carriers have no way to check for positive results, so many of them unknowingly hire drivers who have tested positive for drug or alcohol.

The Drug and Alcohol Clearinghouse would solve that problem and help carriers avoid hiring drug and alcohol offenders, which would make drivers and roads safer.

“The national drug database for commercial drivers is a welcomed regulation that is long overdue,” stated Dallas Truck Wreck attorney Amy Witherite. “It eliminates a huge loophole that prevents truck carriers from obtaining comprehensive information regarding the background of their applicants.”

The FMCSA expects the national drug and alcohol clearinghouse to go into effect January 2020, and so far the Trump Administration has not indicated it will amend or overturn the regulation.

Status of Truck Speed Limiting Device Mandate

The status of the truck speed limiting device mandate is much murkier. This rule would require the installation of a speed-limiting device in all commercial trucks that would limit their speed to 60, 65 or 68 miles per hour.

According to, the American Trucking Associations (ATA) opposes the speed limiter rule because it believes that it would cause an unsafe speed differential between trucks and small cars on the road.

Speed differential refers to a difference in the speed of one vehicle versus another vehicle. The ATA believes that slower trucks would cause problems with cars moving at faster speeds. (2)

Also, the ATA said that the FMCSA has not decided which of the three proposed speeds would work best and why.

Because of this indecision, many truck safety experts believe that the proposal will be significantly reworded or that the new administration will get rid of it and start over.

Steps To Take After A Truck Accident

Big truck regulations such as the ELD mandate and the creation of a national drug and alcohol database could significantly lower the number of truck accidents in the future. But for people who continue to suffer injuries in these wrecks, there are some important steps to take after a truck accident, including reaching out to an experienced law firm such as the team at 1-800-Truck-Wreck.

“I think the most important thing is that truck wreck victims contact a lawyer, if only for a consultation,” stated Amy Witherite. “It’s difficult to have a clear head and to think logically after a truck accident, which is why our firm is so committed to keep life running when you suffer a wreck.”

Media Contact:

Lucy Tiseo

Eberstein Witherite, LLP

Phone: 800-878-2597



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Holsboer Residences In The Heart Of Davos

Holsboer Residences In The Heart Of Davos

Davos, Platz, Switzerland, 07/31/2017 /SubmitPressRelease123/

Discover a new luxury apartment in Davos

Holsboer-Residences is the new premium holiday apartments in the Universal Spengler Hotel in the center of Davos, where the world famous International Hotels are located and offer their services. The Spengler Hotel is a 4-star hotel and comprises 31 mainly large single and double room apartments, from 60 m2 to 128 m2 and offers a special infrastructure. Holsboer-Residences is located in the heart of Davos but has a quiet location close to the shopping and entertainment district. In just a few steps you can reach a variety of attractions such as the cable car to the Schatzalp, the ice hockey stadium Vaillant Arena, the Congress Centre and Golf Club Davos.

Advantages of Holsboer-residences

Experience all the tabs of Davos apartment

Apartment owners of the Holsboer residences take a regular guest advantage with absolute access to the first class facilities and service. In the hotel’s various restaurants and bars, you can try a modern kitchen and carefully selected drinks. Guests have the opportunity to taste the modern and traditional delicacies made from seasonal products. Restaurants and bars of Holsboer-residences offer a relaxed atmosphere, superbly made cocktails and impeccable service, which is a very special place where you can relax and forget all the rigors. While you take your cocktail, you can enjoy a fascinating view of the mountains and ski slopes from the rooftop terrace. One of the main features of this beautiful bar is the presence of carefully selected wines, champagnes and beers from all over the world that cannot leave anyone indifferent.

One of the essential advantages of Holsboer-Residences is a separate building of the hotel, where guests can enjoy the sporting activities and wellness. There you will find numerous fitness, cardio, and power equipment for everyone. Professional consultants deal with individuals or groups who want to feel fit. You can not neglect our most modern spa, which pampers guests with invigorating and relaxing treatments. In addition, our spa offers pools, massages, saunas and cosmetic treatments. Our guests are always at the center of our attention and concern.

The interior of the Davos holiday apartment is thoroughly considered by the world-famous architecture and design company Woods Bagot so that guests can feel the influence of fresh air and light and enjoy nature through the window.

The apartments Davos are planned so that all the advantages of the location would be clearly visible. Davos apartments are surrounded by fascinating and breathtaking landscapes of Switzerland. Panoramic windows and balconies allow guests to enjoy a free view on the mountains. The apartment owners and guests have access to the rooftop terraces which gives more opportunity to delight nature.

With the focus on details, the Davos apartments are for everyone.

Although the interior furnishing makes you pay attention to usability, the furnishing of the apartments awakens the feeling of a minimalist cleverness. Our open kitchen has the latest equipment and can meet all essential needs.

The modern design of the apartments is equipped with luxurious furniture and sanitary furnishings, which gives a present feeling of beauty and elegance.

Every guest can find everything he wants and needs in Davos apartment.

Ideal for skiing and relaxation it makes for the best holiday in Switzerland.

Davos has long been considered a holiday paradise and a huge number of holiday and relaxation seekers head to this place every year. Davos is ideally suited for various cultural and leisure activities. The Davos landscape is famous for its sports events in summer and winter and arranges for various exquisite international conferences such as the Weltwitschaftsforum. Very close to holsboer-residences you can ski in winter and find other winter sports activities. The seven ski resorts Gotschna, Madrisa, Pischa, Rinehorn, Parsenn, Jakobshorn and Schatzalp unite to the great winter sports arena Davos-Klosters. In Summer you can enjoy hiking trails and mountain railways. The untouched nature will be your best friend here and you will not want to leave this place. Apart from the fact that Davos offers the numerous sports activities, it is a relatively dense city where guests can reach all the sights on foot. Check out for yourself what an ideal holiday can look like!

Single apartment in the center of Davos with roof terrace

Try the comfort of Davos apartment

Holsboer-Residences invites its guests in a quiet location in the heart of Davos and in the winter fairy tale that surrounds the apartment. To buy a holiday apartment in Holsboer-residences, this winter fairytale will always wait for you on the rooftop terrace.

See real Holsboer Residences – 3d tour

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Philadelphia Dog Bite Lawyer Discusses Dog Bites On The Rise

Philadelphia Dog Bite Lawyer Discusses Dog Bites On The Rise

Philadelphia, 07/26/2017 /SubmitPressRelease123/

If you have a dog, you’re in good company. The ASPCA says there are about 78 million four-legged companions in the United States, and approximately 44 percent of American households have a furry family member. And while most dogs are well-behaved and safe, they are still animals with an animal’s instincts to protect, defend, and lash out when they perceive they’re being threatened.

Unfortunately, dog bite injuries are among the most devastating types of personal injuries. A dog’s teeth can tear skin, penetrate muscle, and destroy nerves. According to NPR, dog bite injuries are also on the rise — especially among postal workers.

Online Shopping and Dog Bite Injuries

What do online shopping and dog bite injuries have to do with each other? It may sound like the opening of a joke, but it’s no laughing matter.

According to an NPR report, dog attacks among postal workers have jumped in the past year. The culprit? A growing number of Americans shopping online instead of at retail stores. The USPS says its workers suffered 6,755 dog bite injuries in 2016, which is 200 more than in the previous year.

Certain cities experienced more postal worker dog bite attacks than others. For example, there were 80 dog bite attacks in Los Angeles. Other cities with a sharp increase in dog bite attacks include Houston, San Diego, and Louisville.

Dog bites are also on the rise among UPS workers, who suffered 900 dog bites in 2016.

What You Can Do to Avoid a Dog Bite Attack

Whether you’re an animal lover or prefer to remain pet-free, it’s a fact that nearly half of U.S. households own a dog. For this reason, it’s important to be vigilant whenever you’re around dogs or other types of animals.

The ASPCA recommends the following tips:

  • Know dog “body language” – Learn to recognize the signs of an aggressive dog. Dogs who feel threatened will put their ears back, show their teeth, and bark. They may even wag their tails, which can be confusing, as many dogs also wag their tails when they’re happy.
  • Keep kids in sight – Never allow a child to play with a dog unattended. Small children don’t always understand the difference between a playful and an irritated dog. Even if the dog is a family pet, make sure you’re nearby if a child is interacting with a dog.
  • Teach kids the proper way to react – It is human instinct to run when faced with danger. However, dogs will chase a person if they run. Teach children to remain very still and to avoid eye contact with an aggressive dog. Experts say kids should also be taught to curl into a ball with their fingers laced around their head and over their ears if a dog knocks them to the ground. In most cases, dogs will sniff at the child, lose interest, and walk away.

Philadelphia Dog Bite Lawyer Discusses Dog Bite Injuries  

Philadelphia dog bite lawyer Rand Spear explains, “Sadly, the majority of dog bite victims are children. In the U.S. alone, more than 4.5 million people are attacked by dogs every year, and 1 in 5 of these victims require medical attention for their injuries. Because children are shorter and more vulnerable to injuries, the personal injuries they suffer due to a dog bite can be devastating and life-changing.”

Contact a Philadelphia Dog Bite Lawyer Today

If you or your child has been injured by a dog bite, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and other losses. Discuss your options and the next steps in your case with Philadelphia and New Jersey dog bite lawyer Rand Spear today at 888-373-4LAW.



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5 Tips To Recovering A Good Night Sleep

5 Tips To Recovering A Good Night Sleep

New Jersey, 07/26/2017 /SubmitPressRelease123/

Waking up refreshed after a good night sleep is priceless. If you’re in early recovery, you know (more than anyone else) exactly what I mean. Maybe a mother to a newborn child also knows the struggle, but I think we’d agree – it’s different. Your body is still recharging from a rough run and one of the best ways we rally is through rest. Sleep not only restores physical energy but also helps with regulating our emotions and sharpens our critical thinking, amongst other things.

“Nice to know, but I can’t get to sleep,” you might be saying.

Don’t worry, we’ve got some thoughts for that. Here are some quick tidbits that tend to lead into a better relationship with your bed so you can learn how to sleep better and faster. Disclaimer: As with most things in life, consistency is key!

Lay Off the Caffeine

Don’t hate me. Seriously though. One of the first things a physician or clinician is going to ask a person who has trouble with sleep is about caffeine intake. So I’m betting you’ve heard this before, but it’s true. Just think about your general intake of routinely caffeinated products: coffee, energy drinks, tea, energy drinks, soda, energy drinks… Hey, no angels here! I’m drinking a cup of English Breakfast tea while I’m writing this. I’m not trying to say that caffeine is a bad thing, but keep in mind, it will contribute to sleep disturbances.

How long does caffeine affect the body? Experts say that although nearly all caffeine is absorbed in the body within 45 minutes of consumption, its effects can last 4-6 hours (2). Best bet – anything over 4 caffeinated beverages daily may be adding more sheep to your counting queue (and a 20oz Red Bull counts as 2). If you’re looking to conk out by midnight, the last call is 6 PM.

 Get Your Energy Out

Physical activity is essential! Not only is it good to get active and get some endorphins going, but it is a very simple way to help along your physical recovery and use up your body’s energy so that it’s ready for rest. Kind of like feeding two birds with one seed…

Think about your body as an energy generator. It’s self-powered and you fuel it intentionally with food, and indirectly with anxiety, anger, and other strong emotions. (Yes, emotions are energy – but that’s a whole other topic) If you’re not doing anything with that energy by the time you’re looking to sign off for the night, your body may not physically be ready to be still. Insert restless nights here. advises exercise for good sleep at night, however, cautions to keep rigorous routines to earlier hours in the day as evening workout routines might contribute to a restless night (3). So say yes to sweat, just not right before bedtime.

Get outdoors, get your steps in, have an impromptu dance party in your living room for all I care, just do something. If your energy is being used, your body will crave a reset.

Make Your Bedroom a Snooze Only Zone

The unconscious brain does many things that we’re not aware of and one of them is making associations. An association is when we make mental connections between one thing, person, or concept and another. Sleep Hygiene Tip: Make the brain to associate your bedroom with sleep. To help secure this connection, it would be best for you to limit activity in it to the essentials.

Harvard researchers will tell you, the bedroom should be treated as a space of rest and relaxation (3). If you’re lounging around there most of the day, your brain won’t be associating it with sleep. It will be associating your bedroom with everything else you do and will likely result in long periods of thinking – not sleep.

If your living space makes following this tip unlikely, then try dedicating your bed itself as a sacred place of rest. Put in an arm chair for lounging and other activities.

Set a “Ready for Bed” Routine

We are nothing if not creatures of habit. Again, another fun brain fact. Similar to the previous tip, you can train your brain to not only associate your bedroom with sleep but also prepare it by establishing a routine so that it knows rest is coming up on the evening routine checklist.

Everyone has something that works for them. Maybe this is when you journal, sit for a few minutes to meditate, or stretch and do some breathing exercises. The folks over at Harvard also note “Physically and psychologically stressful activities can cause the body to secrete the stress hormone cortisol, which is associated with increasing alertness. If you tend to take your problems to bed, try writing them down—and then putting them aside.” (3).

Limit Your Screen Time at Night

In the world of Netflix, Hulu, and binge-watching random YouTube videos, we could all benefit from putting the technology away for a bit. If you’re having sleep problems, try being screen free (including your phone) for at least one hour before bedtime.

Interesting fact contributed by HuffPost writer Dr. Laurie Hollman, too much light from device screens will interrupt the brain’s production of melatonin, a naturally occurring chemical responsible for bringing on sleep (4). So scientifically speaking, you may be contributing to your own problems.

Give yourself a break from your tech. Your brain won’t be so stimulated and you just might pick up that book sitting on your night stand, talk to your roommate, or play with your pets before getting in some shut-eye.

Never hurts to try. Play around with these tips for two weeks and see how it goes! Give us your feedback and spread the word.

About the Author: Paul Lavella Jr. MA, LPC, LCADC, ACS

Paul shares, “Wellness Based Counseling is a concept very dear to my heart. At the root of it, the counseling relationship is not solely focused on “the problem,” rather how you go about life’s journey in a way that leads you toward feeling and being well. Counseling is not about pathology; it’s about learning what’s not working and figuring out what will.

I am dually Licensed in the State of New Jersey as a Professional Counselor and a Clinical Alcohol & Drug Counselor with ten years of professional experience working with adolescents, adults, and families. As an Approved Clinical Supervisor, I also provide supervision for those seeking licensure for counseling or addiction counseling.”

Embarking on a journey towards wellness and recovery is perhaps the bravest and most inspiring thing a person can do. At Summit Behavioral Health we are here for you every step of the way.

Other Resources for you:

  1. Learn more about 10 Tips To Help Prevent Relapse in our previous blog post
  2. Read our blog post: 5 Stages Of Addiction Recovery As An External Process


Rebecca O’Mara

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How A Good Economy Means More Truck Accidents

How A Good Economy Means More Truck Accidents

Dallas, Texas, 07/26/2017 /SubmitPressRelease123/

On the face of it, a good economy should have positive impacts, including more jobs, higher wages and more income for Americans. But studies have found that a good economy may actually be contributing to the higher rate of truck accidents in the U.S. And that is something that could pose a larger threat if the economic outlooks remain to climb.

“It doesn’t seem as if there would be any link between a good economy and truck wrecks,” stated leading Dallas Truck personal injury lawyer Amy Witherite, of 1-800-Truck-Wreck ® . “But if you dig a little deeper, what you’ll find is that as the economy improves, it has the net effect of creating a greater need for commercial trucks to haul more goods, which means a higher likelihood of truck wrecks on the road.”

You may be asking yourself: Why is this so important?

The short answer is that any situation that significantly increases the number of commercial trucks on the road should concern the public because more trucks mean more accidents.

The longer answer is that the Large Truck and Bus Crash Facts for 2015 (the latest report available) published by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) had some alarming numbers.

For example, the report indicated that: “the number of large trucks involved in fatal crashes increased [from 2014 to 2015] by 8 percent, from 3,749 to 4,050, and the large truck involvement rate (large trucks involved in fatal crashes per 100 million miles traveled by large trucks) increased by 8 percent, from 1.34 to 1.45.” (1)

Furthermore, Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) by large trucks increased by 0.3 percent from 2014 to 2015.

VMT will rise as more trucks get on the road, and as more trucks get on the road, the chances that they will get involved in wrecks increases.

Southern California As a Test Case

This has become evident in Southern California, home to the Los Angeles-to-Long Beach route that ranks as one of the most active port complexes in the U.S.

Per 89.3 KPCC, the scorching-hot economy has acted as a tide that lifts all boats, including the commercial trucking industry: (2)

“The number of trucks on the road has only increased as the economy has recovered, and after falling sharply during the recession, truck-involved crashes have been rising. They have also jumped as a share of all crashes on the road.”

In fact, just eight years ago, truck wrecks were at an all-time low, accounting for only 4.8 percent of all accidents in California.

But that number jumped to 5.6 percent by 2014, with more than 22,000 truck accidents in the state.

More trucks have made an already complex and dangerous driving situation on the highways of Southern California, even more hazardous.

Cars and trucks must share space on roads that are always congested with traffic and major renovations, and unsafe lane changes are one of the biggest contributing factors in accidents involving commercial trucks and passenger vehicles.

Genevieve Giuliano, an Urban Planning Professor at the University of Southern California, and Director of METTRANS Transportation Center identified the surge in the port trade that requires more trucks as a major source of accident risk on the roads.

Big-rig crashes can also exact a huge financial toll

In July of 2013, a gasoline tanker truck moving along the interchange between the 5 freeway and the 2 freeway tunnel in Elysian Valley near downtown Los Angeles, struck a guardrail after a tire failure.

The resulting spill of more than 8,500 gallons of gasoline created a fire that lasted for hours and shut the interchange for a staggering six months as workers made repairs at a price tag of $16.5 million.

Accidents involving large trucks cost states an average of $7 million when medical expenses, emergency services, and property damage, as well as lost wages, are taken into account. In comparison, the average fatal car accident tallies about $1.4 million.

Getting Your Life Back On Track

The psychological, emotional and physical effects of a wreck caused by a truck can last for years. That’s why the team at 1-800-Truck-Wreck ® is most concerned with how to restore your well being and keep your life running after this type of accident.

“I’ve suffered through several car wrecks,” stated Amy Witherite. “So I know how everything afterward can feel as if you’re in slow-motion, and that’s because everything in your life comes to a crashing halt. Let us take that burden off your shoulders and help get you back on your feet. We can do little things like making sure you get to your doctor or providing you with financial help until your settlement arrives.”

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Why Truck Driving Is One Of The Deadliest Jobs In The World

Why Truck Driving Is One Of The Deadliest Jobs In The World

Dallas, Texas, 07/21/2017 /SubmitPressRelease123/

It’s not often that you think about commercial truck driving as being one of the deadliest jobs, but the truth is that the truck driving industry is filled with numerous challenges that make this profession risky for those who choose it as a career. And the collateral effect of those dangers also affects drivers of smaller vehicles on the road.

“Without understanding the significant challenges and dangers commercial truck drivers face on the road, it’s impossible to craft effective safety protocols,” stated Dallas Truck Wreck Attorney Amy Witherite of Eberstein Witherite, LLP. “You have to remember that we are asking these men and women to pilot a 80,000-pound vehicle that can cause tremendous damage if the driver makes even the smallest mistake.”

A job is considered dangerous when the actual process of accomplishing a task is made risky by factors that could lead to serious injury or death.

Truck drivers are placed in danger by the very nature of the vehicles they drive. Trucks are large, unwieldy and difficult to control, so any error in these vehicles has a higher chance of resulting in an accident that causes serious injuries or even death.

Why Truck Driving Is One of the Deadliest Jobs

Commercial truck drivers must often navigate their vehicles through adverse weather as well as unfavorable traffic conditions.

Per an article in Truck Driving Jobs, (1) the highest percentage of commercial truck accidents occurs in the summer. That’s because there are more vehicles on the road during this time, as school ends and families drive to vacation spots throughout the country.

But in addition to the increased number of vehicles, there is another source of danger for commercial truck drivers, and that is simply that the nature of the job often leads to fatigue.

Truck drivers spend at least 10 hours per day behind the wheel, and that is only if they actually comply with the hours-of-service (HOS) rules that the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) mandates.

Some drivers compound the issue of fatigue by falsely documenting that they were taking a break or sleeping, when in fact they were on the road, trying to ensure timely delivery.

Fatigue is one of the biggest hazards of working as a commercial truck driver, because of the high risk of falling asleep behind the wheel. Exhaustion also causes a loss of reaction time, focus and concentration, so even if a tired truck driver doesn’t close his eyes while driving, he still presents a danger to other vehicles.

Recent studies have found that commercial truck drivers are more likely to suffer non-fatal injuries on the job than workers in any other occupation. In fact, one study found that truck drivers had a 233 percent higher chance of suffering a non-fatal injury than workers in all other industries.

These factors lead to a higher-than-average rate of on-the-job death among commercial truck drivers.

Per, (2) 745 truck drivers were killed in 2015, which though a slight improvement from 2014’s number of 761, is still too high relative to the number of drivers on the road.

To put it into perspective, the 745 truck driver fatalities was 25 percent of all “work-related fatalities last year [2015], more than any other U.S. job, according to an annual workplace fatality report…”

In fact, the number of truck driver deaths increased 11.2 percent from 2011-2015in large part because high demand has meant more trucks on the road.

And one hidden aspect of danger for truck drivers is that because they are paid per-mile, rather than per hour, there is significant pressure for them to make timely deliveries, especially given the high rate of delays caused by stalled traffic and loading dock issues.

That pressure often means that some commercial truck drivers take more risks, such as driving while fatigued and speeding, two of the biggest contributing factors in fatal truck wrecks.

Some factors that make truck driving one of the deadliest jobs, such as traffic conditions and weather, are out of a driver’s control. But practicing safe habits such as observing the speed limit, avoiding distractions and getting the mandated amount of rest can go a long way toward making truck driving a safer profession.

Getting Victims Back On Their Feet

“I am proud to be part of a personal injury firm that prizes the well being of our clients over the size of their settlement,” stated Amy Witherite. “Of course, we will get you the best compensation possible, but more important is getting you back on your feet and keeping your life running.”

Please call the team at 1-800-Truck-Wreck® to see how they can help you after you’ve been injured in a truck accident.



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