How Much Money Do You Get For Wrongful Imprisonment?

How Much Money Do You Get For Wrongful Imprisonment?

Dallas, Texas, 07/17/2017 /SubmitPressRelease123/

For many people, their worst nightmare is the idea of being locked up for a crime they didn’t commit. Sadly, wrongful convictions happen — and more often than you might think. In 2015, there were 149 exonerations in the United States. In 2014, there were 139. Furthermore, the average time in prison for exoneration individuals is 14 years. Studies shows that about 1 in 25 people on death row in the U.S. are likely innocent.

This begs the question: Shouldn’t the law compensate people who are put behind bars for crimes they didn’t commit? How much money do you get for wrongful imprisonment?

The answer depends on where you live, along with a variety of other factors. It goes without saying that if you’ve been convicted of a crime you didn’t commit, you should get in touch with a Texas criminal appeals lawyer.  

Compensation for Wrongful Conviction in Texas

Texas state law provides compensation for individuals who have been wrongfully convicted. Additionally, the law gives the exonerated the right to receive free group health insurance. To qualify for compensation, the person must be found innocent and must also have served all or at least some portion of the prison sentence.

Anyone wrongfully convicted of a crime in Texas and later exonerated is entitled to $80,000 per year for every year served in prison. Compared to other states with similar laws, Texas awards the most compensation to those who are wrongfully convicted and later exonerated. Some states, such as Wisconsin, pay as little as $5,000 per year. At the federal level, the exonerated are entitled to $50,000 per year in compensation for a wrongful conviction.  

There is an exception in the Texas statute, however. If you were serving a concurrent sentence for a separate criminal conviction, you aren’t entitled to compensation for any years that overlap with your wrongful conviction. Additionally, people who are later found innocent of a crime are entitled to get $25,000 for every year they served parole or were forced to register as a sex offender.

There is also a retirement benefit for people who are later found innocent of criminal wrongdoing. The statute provides that people who are exonerated of crimes receive an annuity for their lifetime.

Some States Don’t Pay Compensation to the Innocent

Interestingly, “how much money do you get for wrongful imprisonment?” isn’t a question you can ask in every state. NPR did a report on which states pay money to the wrongfully convicted. You might be shocked to learn that 21 states pay nothing to those who are put behind bars for crimes they didn’t commit. In those states, the wrongfully convicted must sue the state in civil court for damages.    

Were You Wrongfully Convicted? You Can Appeal Your Case

If you’ve been convicted of a crime you didn’t commit, your case is not hopeless. You can appeal your conviction, but the outcome of your case depends on the skill and experience of your lawyers. Contact a Texas criminal appeals lawyer as soon as possible to explore your options.



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Retail Stores Need To Keep Floors Safe Says Philadelphia Slip And Fall Lawyer

Retail Stores Need To Keep Floors Safe Says Philadelphia Slip And Fall Lawyer

Philadelphia, PA, USA, 07/17/2017 /SubmitPressRelease123/

If you’re a customer of a retail store or work for a contractor performing work at one store management has an obligation to keep you safe. Stores often have a lot of floor space and slips and fall accidents are not uncommon. Sometimes, Philadelphia slip and fall accident lawyer Rand Spear says, injuries caused by such a fall are serious.

An Allegheny County jury took a plaintiff injured due to a slip and fall on a Target floor seriously. It awarded $2.1 million in damages to Melissa Horton in March. She tore her hamstring after slipping on a wet floor, reports the Legal Intelligencer. It took the jury a day to decide after sitting through a three and a half day trial. The award included $1.4 million for past noneconomic damages and $700,000 for future noneconomic damages.

Horton states she suffered her injury after slipping and falling on a recently mopped floor in an Allegheny County Target in December 2013. When she entered the store a soda bottle fell off a shelf, spilling on the store’s main aisle. Employees mopped the area and placed warning cones around the spill. Horton claimed Target employees “carelessly” mopped the floor far outside the area where the cones were placed.

Horton said she walked cautiously around the spill area but once outside it she slipped, causing her to drop into a split. She ripped her right hamstring out of her hip socket, had surgery and spent a period of time in a body brace that immobilized her right leg. Target’s attorneys claimed Horton injured herself after she failed to heed clear warnings about the wet floor.

This type of case would normally be based on negligence law. The plaintiff, or injured victim would have the burden of proving that:

The store owed the plaintiff a duty of care

The store breached that duty of care

The breach caused the accident and resulting injuries, and damages resulted.

Under Pennsylvania law a retail customer is considered an “invitee” (or one entering a property after an express or implied invitation of the property owner). Liability would be based on establishing that the physical harm to the invitee was caused by a condition of the property and that store management:

Knew or by using reasonable care would discover the condition

Should’ve understood it involved an unreasonable risk to invitees

Should’ve expected invitees wouldn’t discover or realize the danger, or they will fail to protect themselves against it, and failed to use reasonable care to protect invitees against the danger.

Invitees are owed a duty of ordinary care and maintenance of the property which may include a duty to regularly inspect the property to find dangerous conditions.

If you or a loved one were injured after a slip and fall at a retail store, don’t wait to speak to a personal injury lawyer about your case. Protect your rights, visit us on the web or call Philadelphia and New Jersey slip and fall lawyer Rand Spear today at 877-GET-RAND.

Press Contact:
Rand Spear


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Dallas Drug Lawyer Explains How To Protect Yourself From Unreliable Field Tests

Dallas Drug Lawyer Explains How To Protect Yourself From Unreliable Field Tests

Dallas, TX, USA, 07/17/2017 /SubmitPressRelease123/

A man in Florida recently spent 90 days in jail for possession of suspected cocaine, which lab tests later confirmed was not cocaine reports Dallas drug lawyer John Helms. The man was a construction worker, and he had white powder on the seat and floorboard of his car when police stopped him. Presumably, it was drywall dust, but the police field tested it, and the test was positive for cocaine. It took three months for lab tests to clear him.

The field test that the police used is called “NarcoPouch.” It is made by a company called Safariland from Ontario, California. It is used by police departments across the country even though its reliability is highly questionable. In fact, the company that makes it cautions that it should not be used to determine whether someone should be prosecuted or convicted.

If it is not reliable enough for a prosecution decision, why is it used at all? The reason is that a positive test result can be enough to provide “probable cause” to arrest someone. “Probable cause” is the standard the police need to arrest someone, but it is a very low standard. It is even lower than “more likely than not”—in other words, it does not even mean 51% likely.

If you are arrested based on a field test that comes back positive for an illegal drug, what should you do? First, tell your drug possession defense lawyer as soon as possible. Especially if it is early in the case, do not assume that the lawyer knows. It may be too early in the case for the lawyer to be entitled to get police reports that would show what happened during the arrest.

Second, if there is any doubt about whether the substance tested was illegal, encourage the lawyer to push for a lab test as soon as possible. Many police departments do not normally do lab tests unless the case is about to go to trial. This is because most police departments do not have their own lab, and they send suspected drugs to an outside lab. This costs money, which they would rather not have to spend if the case is not going to trial.

I know a lot about the importance of lab testing. Several years ago, my cocounsel and I tried two of the “fake drugs” criminal trials in Dallas. We represented a Dallas Police officer who was accused of participating in a scheme with confidential police informants to have people arrested for distributing “fake drugs.” The informants were paid by the Dallas Police Department for helping the police make drug busts. They got a certain amount of money for every kilo of drugs the police seized with their help. The informants were drug dealers. They quickly realized that they could make a lot more money creating their own “drug deals” than they could helping the police stop real drug deals. They packaged up pool chalk in bricks to look like kilos of real cocaine, and they sprinkled a little real cocaine on the top so that the field tests would turn out positive. They would offer to pay someone money to drive a car with fake cocaine in the trunk to a location, and they would tell the police where and when the driver would show up. The police would then arrest them, and the field test would be positive. The drivers thought they were delivering real cocaine, so they would plead guilty before lab testing. The informants would be paid a lot of money for the seizures of what the police thought was real cocaine.

We were able to show that our client, the police officer, was fooled by this too, and he never got any extra pay or bonus for the seizures. Since then, Dallas County started lab testing suspected drugs whether the case was going to trial or not. The point, though, is that field tests are never a substitute for lab tests.

If you or a loved one has been accused of possessing or delivering illegal drugs, you need to hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer with experience handling drug cases. This is especially true if it is a federal case. Not all criminal defense lawyers have experience handling federal drug cases. As a former federal prosecutor, I have handled drug cases from the beginning through trial on both the prosecution and defense side. Drug cases involve serious potential punishment. Make sure you hire a lawyer who is an expert in this kind of case.

If you or someone you know has been charged with a drug offense or are facing federal drug charges, contact Dallas drug  lawyer John Helms immediately. Call 214-666-8010.


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Florida Gets Failing Safety Grade Says Boca Car Accident Lawyer Joe Osborne

Florida Gets Failing Safety Grade Says Boca Car Accident Lawyer Joe Osborne

Boca Raton, FL, USA, 07/17/2017 /SubmitPressRelease123/

When it comes to laws making Florida roads and highways safer the state gets a failing grade from the National Safety Council (NSC). It found that other states are taking traffic safety more seriously and enacting measures that can save lives, while Florida chooses not to. Boca car accident lawyer Joe Osborne says state government’s lack of focus on safety results in injuries and deaths that need not have happened.

The NSC is a nonprofit organization that advocates for safety on our roads, workplaces, homes and communities. Its mission is to eliminate preventable deaths in our society. The organization engaged in a year-long project to rate states on actions and policies they have taken, or chosen not to take, to reduce risks and improve safety for all residents.

Their State of Safety report concerns each state’s laws and policies on safety as it relates to road safety, home and community safety and workplace safety. Florida’s overall grade for NSC’s three main issues of concern was a D, a grade shared by 14 other states. No state received an A overall, eight states received a B, 17 states were rated as a C and eleven states got an overall failing grade of F. Half of the states got an overall better grade than Florida while only eleven were rated worse on safety issues.

As far as road safety is concerned Florida received an F, ranking 44th of the 50 states, with 2,983 traffic accident fatalities in 2015.

Specific issues with the state include:

No ignition interlock devices for all first time and repeat DUI offenders are required. These devices would require a breath analysis not showing alcohol before a vehicle could start.

There is no requirement for rear-facing car seats through age two nor are child restraints or booster seats for passengers through age eight required.

The state lacks a total cellphone ban for drivers.

Older drivers need not get their driver’s license renewed in person.

Seatbelt use isn’t required by all occupants in all seating positions.

There is no urban interstate speed limit of 55 mph.

There is no young passenger restriction for twelve months for newly licensed drivers.

Use of motorcycle helmets is not mandatory.

Motorists are not required to stop for pedestrians in uncontrolled walkways or roadways.

Though no state received an overall A grade for safety, seven states received an A for road safety.

Road safety is no accident. Though putting a law on the books doesn’t mean that everyone will comply, it sends a message as to what’s acceptable behavior and what’s not. Those who violate laws meant to protect motorists and pedestrians can be held accountable through receiving tickets or facing criminal charges, in addition to facing civil lawsuits if breaking the law results in injuries or deaths to others.

If you or a loved one suffered an injury caused in a vehicle accident, contact Boca car accident lawyer Joe Osborne at (561) 800-4011 or fill out this online contact form. You can discuss your case, how the law may apply and your best legal options to protect your rights and obtain compensation for your injuries.


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Summit Behavioral Health’s Director To Appear At Recovery 360 Conference

Summit Behavioral Health’s Director To Appear At Recovery 360 Conference

New Jersey, 07/17/2017 /SubmitPressRelease123/

Summit Behavioral Health is proud to announce that Executive Director of Medical Services  Dr. Patricia Allen will be a presenter at Recovery 360 Conference Sponsored by Pyramid Healthcare that takes place from July 20 to July 21 at the Sheraton Philadelphia Society Hill Hotel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Dr. Allen’s presentation will cover innovative testing methods for patients who suffer from both a mental health disorder and a substance abuse disorder, commonly known as co-occurring disorders.

“I am honored to be included among the speakers at Recovery 360,” stated Dr. Allen. “The presenters for the conference are an impressive collection of healthcare professionals, doctors, nurses, counselors and social workers. Behavioral healthcare deserves this kind of gathering so that we can hear a variety of viewpoints, and learn new methods to improve our caregiving.”

The Recovery 360 Conference is the first of its kind, a gathering of behavioral healthcare specialties that includes mental health, addiction and eating disorder treatment. It offers seminars, 10 hours of continuing education, and multiple networking opportunities. The conference is hosted by Pyramid Healthcare, a rehabilitation center in Pennsylvania that provides treatment for adults and teens suffering from mental health disorders, substance abuse issues and all phases of addiction.

Dr. Allen’s presentation will focus on three main learning objectives:

Applying the principles of evidence-based practice and cost effectiveness in the utilization of genetic testing in the treatment of a client with co-occurring disorders.

Determining the relationship between the use of pharmacogenetics results and treatment engagement outcomes for those with co-occurring disorders.

Describing ways in which genetic testing can empower the client and support sobriety and resiliency within the co-occurring population. 

Dr. Allen, who is a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner was a presenter at the recent Cape Cod Symposium on Addictive Disorders, and the Annual Conference of the American Psychiatric Nurse’s Association, discussing issues related to pharmacogenetics and medication-assisted treatment for patients with co-occurring disorders. She was also a presenter at the NEI Psychopharmacology Congress.

In her role as Executive Director of Medical Services at Summit Behavioral Health, Dr. Allen evaluates the treatment of patients in detox and also supervises the Intensive Outpatient programs. She is a member of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, the American Psychiatric Nurses Association and the International Nurses’ Society on Addiction.


Summit Behavioral Health is an addiction treatment center that offers drug and alcohol medical detox, inpatient treatment in a residential facility, and intensive and non-intensive outpatient treatment for patients who have successfully completed the residential program. Summit’s integrative treatment combines cognitive-behavioral and emotion-based therapy techniques with 12-step facilitation and relapse prevention.

Media Contact

Rebecca O’Mara

Executive Director of Brand Management

4065 Quakerbridge Road

Princeton Junction, NJ 08550

Toll-Free: 855.855.9199

Office: 609.651.4001 | Fax: 609.269.5761



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Will Smoking Disappear By 2050?

Will Smoking Disappear By 2050?

New Jersey, 07/14/2017 /SubmitPressRelease123/

Anyone who has ever tried to give up smoking knows it can be an especially difficult challenge. Because research shows that smoking and drinking alcohol often go hand in hand, it’s important for people who wish to stop drinking to also make an effort to give up cigarettes. Stopping smoking is one of the best things you can do for your health.

Data from the CDC shows that the number of people who smoke cigarettes has declined dramatically in recent years. In fact, if rates continue to drop, researchers think smoking could completely disappear by 2050.

How Many Americans Smoke?

In 2005, about 21 percent of the U.S. population smoked cigarettes. In 2014, that number had dropped to 16.8 percent. The dean of Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health says less than 15 percent of the American population smokes. Furthermore, this trend spans all age groups, ethnicities, and socioeconomic backgrounds. No matter who you are or what community you live in, you’re less likely to smoke than your parents or grandparents.

These shrinking numbers are actually quite astonishing when you consider that even just a generation or two ago, a majority of people in the country smoked. In the UK in the 1950s, for example, 80 percent of the population smoked. Tobacco companies marketed their products as macho, rugged, and even healthful. Obviously, we know today that cigarettes cause lung cancer, but past generations didn’t have that information.

Tips for Kicking Your Nicotine Habit

Are you addicted to nicotine? Like any other addiction, nicotine can be conquered. And like other types of addiction, what works for one person may not necessarily work for another. Fortunately, Once you’ve kicked your smoking habit, you may even find that addressing your addiction to alcohol or drugs is easier. Here are some top tips for stopping smoking.

Get motivated – Find a good reason to quit, whether it’s saving money, getting healthier, or having better-looking skin.

Accept that you have an addiction – Quitting cold turkey works for some, but many people find that just stopping sets them up for relapse. Chances are you’ll need to address your nicotine addiction in stages.

Get a support person – Tell people close to you that you want to stop smoking. The support of your loved ones can make a big difference.

Don’t be afraid to fail – Relapse happens, and it’s okay. If you have a “cheat day” or pick up cigarettes again, this doesn’t mean you’re doomed to fail. It’s okay to try quitting again when you’re ready.

Other Resources for you:

  1. To learn more about Teen Drug Use in our previous blog post
  2. Read our blog post: Are Cigarettes A Gateway Drug?

Contact Summit Behavioral Health Today

Summit Behavioral Health provides people with the resources they need to address their addictions. Whether you’re struggling with alcohol abuse disorder or an addiction to prescription drugs or street drugs, our behavioral health professionals can help you. Call us today at 1-844-643-3869 to speak to a substance abuse expert about treatment options for you or someone you love.


Rebecca O’Mara  


Executive Director Brand Management











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Drivers Forced To Break Rules Says Philadelphia Truck Accident Lawyer Rand Spear

Drivers Forced To Break Rules Says Philadelphia Truck Accident Lawyer Rand Spear

Philadelphia, PA, USA, 07/13/2017 /SubmitPressRelease123/

An exhausted truck driver is a dangerous truck driver. Anyone driving without enough rest will be easily distracted, likely to become angry and may fall asleep behind the wheel. An investigation by USA Today found that many truck drivers are on the road much longer than allowed by federal regulations in order to make payments on “lease to own” contracts with trucking companies. These arrangements threaten the lives of the drivers and others on the road says Philadelphia truck accident lawyer Rand Spear.

The newspaper focused on trucking companies serving the ports in and around Los Angeles and found many took advantage of truck drivers, many of whom don’t speak English, who want to own their own truck. Many drivers, who the companies considered independent contractors – not employees, are virtually held financial hostages by these contracts. In order to keep up the payments drivers often violated federal rules meant to keep drivers rested and alert which state they can drive up to 11 hours after having ten hours off.

The newspaper obtained copies of contracts, reviewed evidence submitted as part of California wage claims and interviewed drivers. They found that:

One driver often drove more than 16 hours straight each day, rarely saw his family, slept in his truck and after paying for the truck earned as little as 67 cents a week. After the truck he leased broke down and he couldn’t afford repairs, the driver was fired, the truck was seized and the $78,000 paid towards owning the truck was lost.

Trucking companies compel drivers to work up to 20 hours a day by threatening to take their trucks and keep the money they paid toward buying them. Management created fear in drivers by firing or suspending them without pay or assigning them the poorest paying routes.

To keep drivers working a few companies physically prevented them from going home. One driver testified that more than once he came back after a full day’s work and found the gate of the parking lot locked and a manager ordered drivers back to work.

Drivers at several companies claim they had no choice but to break federal safety laws limiting their time on the road. Drivers at Pacific 9 Transportation testified that their managers dispatched truckers up to 20 hours a day and wouldn’t pay them unless they falsified reports tracking driving hours. Hundreds of these port truckers have been involved in accidents from 2013 to 2015, causing more than 20 fatalities.

Trucking companies charged drivers for lease payments and expenses such as insurance and fuel. Some companies billed truckers parking fees to use the company lot and one company, Fargo Trucking, charged $2 each week for toilet paper and other supplies.

Though truck drivers need to comply with applicable rules and drive safely, there are many trucking companies willing to exploit people desperate to work and will break the law in order to make a profit. This situation is an accident waiting to happen, one that some trucking companies see as the cost of doing business.

Have you been injured in an accident involving a commercial truck? If so, don’t wait to speak to a personal injury lawyer about your case. Protect your rights by visiting us on the web or by calling New Jersey and Philadelphia truck accident lawyer Rand Spear now at 877-GET-RAND.


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What The Heck Are HEPA Filters – And Why Should You Care?

What The Heck Are HEPA Filters - And Why Should You Care?

Riverdale, NJ, 07/13/2017 /SubmitPressRelease123/

HEPA filters have existed since the early 1950s and are the most effective filters you can buy. They are an important component in the effectiveness of any air filtration system that claims to provide comprehensive elimination of harmful pollutants,” stated Kevin Wood, Camfil USA Vice President Sales & Marketing. “In basic terms, these filters are rated to trap a higher percentage of very small particles than most common filters on the market, which means better indoor air quality, and better overall health, especially for people suffering from chronic allergies and respiratory problems.”

An air filter’s main function is to remove airborne pollutants from the air that circulates through our offices and homes to protect the buildings occupants 1. A HEPA filter is so effective it is the main line of contamination defense in hospital operating suites, protecting doctors, nurses, staff and of course the patient on the table. They are also used in commercial applications that have a defined extreme cleanliness level (commonly called clean rooms) where microprocessors and pharmaceuticals are manufactured. Without HEPA filters there wouldn’t be any clean rooms; no cell phones, no televisions, and none of the pharmaceuticals we produce to make life more comfortable.

How HEPA Filter Are Different

HEPA is an acronym for high-efficiency particulate air filter. Its original name was high-efficiency particulate arrestor, titled so by the US government when they were developing the filter during the manufacture of the original atomic bomb (the Manhattan Project)2.

To be a true HEPA filter the delivered product must have been individually tested as to its efficiency and airflow and serialized on a label on the filter by the manufacturer. There are different classes of HEPA filters with increasing levels of efficiency but the minimum level of efficiency must be at least 99.97% efficient on particles 0.3-micron in size. This particle size is 0.000012 of an inch, which is about 300 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair. To a HEPA filter, catching a one-micron size particle (1/1,000,000 of a meter) is the equivalent of stopping a cotton ball with a door screen.

It is important to note that 0.3-micron was selected because it was believed to be the most penetrating particle size of a filter and if the filter has a high efficiency at 0.3-micron its efficiency will be greater in other ranges. In a typical atmospheric air sample, there are hundreds of thousands of these particles in a single cubic foot of air.

Why Should HEPA Filters Be Considered Important

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) publishes data for US cities in terms of the size of particulate matter (PM). The three common levels are PM10 – particles 10-micron or less, PM2.5 – particles 2.5-micron or less, and PM1 – particles 1-micron or less3. PM1 is the most common by count of all particles in the air as that is the range where 99% of all airborne particles reside. Typically, these particles are produced from everyday activity such as automobiles, factories, and even utilities and we recognize the pollutants as dust, dirt, soot, and smoke. Even forest fires and wood-burning stoves contribute high levels of these sub-micron particles.

They are also the most dangerous size particles as those under 1-micron in size can go deep into the lungs and enter the alveoli where there can be direct exchange with the blood. Even the best HVAC grade filters can only remove up to 70% of these particles, but a HEPA will be 99.97% efficient.

HEPA filters do have a very dense media and can result in overloading the typical air distribution fan in an HVAC system so seeking application expertise is always a good idea.

Remember, that that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other professional engineering organizations recommend HEPA filters in hospitals, infection control clinics and other healthcare facilities to eliminate airborne pathogens, microbes, and other dangerous particles.

HEPA filters will become more popular as the EPA continues to publish more data on the prevalence and dangers of PM1.

Camfil’s Commitment to Clean Air

For more than 50 years, Camfil has provided air filters and clean air solutions to a number of commercial industries. And as air filter technology has evolved, Camfil has kept pace, offering not only HEPA filters, but also Ultra Low Penetration Air (ULPA) filter, which is rated to remove at least 99.99 percent of dust, pollen, mold, and bacteria. Please visit our website for more information on the products we offer.

Other Resources for you

1. To learn more about Top Reasons You Need to Be Using HEPA Filters Previous blog post

2. Read our blog post: How Harmful Is the Air Quality on Planes

Lynne Laake

Camfil USA Air Filters

T: 888.599.6620,

F: Friend  Camfil USA on Facebook

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New HTML5 Casino Games Launched By

New HTML5 Casino Games Launched By

Bucharest, 07/13/2017 /SubmitPressRelease123/

CasinoWebScripts continues to expand their games portfolio with new HTML5 slot games. The latest releases include Street Runners, Circus of Fortune and Conquerors of the Amazon. All of these slot games are compatible with any mobile or desktop device.

Street Runners is a slot game created for players who like to feel the adrenaline caused by a race packed with action. This car race slot game comes with an interesting set of features, and symbols which become animated each time a winning line appears on the screen. Some of the most notable features of Street Runners include expanding wild, freespins, jackpot and gamble.

Circus of Fortune is a game that will bring back memories to any player who loved going to the circus as a child. The graphics shows scenes from a circus show – clowns, lions, rabbits in a hat, plus an animated background that reveals the circus arena. Circus of Fortune has been developed with a multitude of additional features, including a carrousel bonus, freespins, expanding wild, jackpot and more.

Conquerors of the Amazon reveals the long-lost treasures of the rainforest, with temples filled with surprises and an Amazonian warrior that will keep players company during the quest. Packed with additional features, this game has an animated design that will attract players who enjoy games with superior quality graphics and interesting sound effects.

For the following months, CasinoWebScripts is looking to convert all of their games from Animate CC (formerly know as Flash format) to HTML5. By 2018, the company will offer over 180 casino games compatible with any mobile and desktop device.

CasinoWebScripts also announced that they will soon launch a series of Blackjack card games, and a range of table card games that include “3 Card Poker”, “Dragon Tiger”, “Let it ride”. More than that, a virtual horse racing game and a virtual greyhound racing game compatible with mobile devices, will be released this summer by the casino gaming developers.

CasinoWebScripts is an online casino development company which provides casino software and a wide range of over 180 casino games to operators who want to start or already run a casino gaming business. The company has a ‘no monthly fees’ policy, which means that operators purchase the games without any future charges.

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Zara Charity In Need Of Funding To Support Tanzania Preschools And Orphanages

Zara Charity In Need Of Funding To Support Tanzania Preschools And Orphanages

Moshi, Tanzania, 07/13/2017 /SubmitPressRelease123/

Zara Charity invites visitors to Tanzania to help support projects across the community while experiencing some of the most fantastic adventures and sights in the world.

A nonprofit and partner of the world-class safari and trekking company Zara Tours, Zara Charity was created to better give back to the communities of East Africa. Some of the foundation’s projects that are currently in need of funding include the sponsor a child program, which helps to connect visitors with their own opportunities to make a difference in the life of a child.

The charity’s special Buy a Brick for Ngorongoro pre-school program helps to house children in need, and the construction of a Ngorongoro preschool hopes to provide huge advancements for children given the chance to attend preschool in their earlier years.

Zara Charity is also responsible for assisting up and coming business owners with financial management and entrepreneurial skills. Continuing education and English classes allow those interested in learning and increasing their opportunities to benefit from the programs.

Travelers and interested people from around the world can contribute to and invest in the people of Tanzania, from early childhood all the way through adulthood. Contact  Zara Charity for information and to donate.

For more information about Zara Tours, contact:


ZARA TOURS, founded in 1987, is Tanzania’s unrivaled No 1 Kilimanjaro trekking company and one of the largest safari operators in the region. Zara Tours organizes full-service travel experiences in Tanzania; and provides various choices of safaris, and climbs of Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru, and expeditions in Zanzibar. Zara Tours owns and operates two hotels, two lodges and four tented camps in the northern circuit of Tanzania. Zara Tours provides airport transfer, city-to-city transfer, VIP and regular tour services, to groups and corporations from all over the world. Zara offers additional experiences in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and Ethiopia. The company owns 102, 4×4 Land Rovers, 4×4 mini buses, and 4×4 Land Cruisers (all equipped with viewing roofs). The company’s 88 registered Kilimanjaro tour guides speak English, German, French, and Spanish. ZARA TOURS also runs ZARA Charity, which plays a vital role in the local community by supporting vulnerable groups such as orphans, the Maasai women’s group, and more.

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